Mission Day Liteの対象とする「人口 2500 人以下の地域」について

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Mission Day Liteの対象とする人口2500人以下の地域というのは、あくまで当該地区の地方自治体の全人口のことを指すのか、それとも、広域的な市町村合併により旧被合併自治体が自治区としてエリア分けに残置している場合で、人口が2500人以下であると、Mission Day Liteの対象と出来うるのか。

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  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭

    I too am curious about the clear criteria.

    It would be helpful if you could clarify it for us to move forward.

    We have found several areas with populations of less than 2,500 but with interesting spots.

    If the population were to be in administrative units, the event would be dispersed over a wide area and would not attract the interest of many players, but MD Lite allows us to focus on that area.

  • Does the area targeted by Mission Day Lite with a population of 2500 or less mean the total population of the local government in the area? Or, if the former merged municipality is left in the area division as an autonomous region due to a wide-area merger of cities, towns and villages, and the population is 2500 or less, can it be targeted for Mission Day Lite?