Cropped MU value in Prime main screen and tab "activities" in COMM.

The value of the field created is cropped if the linked portal name is too long. The news tickler in the upper right corner of the main Prime screen only shows the MU value of the field if the portal name is short. The same applies to "activities" tab in COMM screen. I would like to see the improvement of this feature in the future.


  • I agree! It's very uncomfortable if you don't know the MU value of the field.

  • panfolekpanfolek ✭✭✭

    A pop-up message with MU value instead of field AP value in the center of the main screen would also come handy @danaskalisha The same way it was displayed in the old scanner when the field was created.

  • I agree and also I'd like to see more than 1000km of range in comm, to see others countries, global gameplay.

  • KorzhakKorzhak ✭✭✭✭✭

    How is that going to be useful?

    If you want to see what's going on 1000 km away, use the Intel map.

  • I like to see all in app, it's very usefull FOR ME. I learned more seeing others (Asians for sure) then my boring cell when my focus is hardplay and

  • panfolekpanfolek ✭✭✭

    It might end up being data overload for a single scanner I’m afraid. I’m Just speculating about it as I don’t know how such an amount of data is sent and presented in the scanner.

  • ReighElmosReighElmos ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    @Wallflower14 Personally I feel WAY too much happens within 1000 km for me to usefully gleam any awesome shenanigans happening, much less extending it to more than 1000 km I would always use intel for such a thing. Also the history in the scanner it quite short for that. Not sure the limit but it can load only so many actions. The more narrow the area the further back you can see. At +1000 km I would think you would only have an available history of 10-20 minutes that is assuming you could read it before it gets filtered out. If I were able to push it far enough to see Asian countries. I would be loading the whole planets comms.

    That said, I do play in Florida and I have a lot of major cities within 1000 km I can see from Chattanooga, Tennessee to the Cayman Isalnds. So, I admit my comms could be a highly different experience than say Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, or Easter Island.

    I could definitely see 1000 km being quite boring from Easter Island. So, having the option could be nice though largely not practical for most.

  • panfolekpanfolek ✭✭✭

    Thank you for your comments everybody, however, they have become quite off-topic. The cropping problem is the issue in question here. Please see my original post and offer a practical suggestion for Niantic if you are a programmer or a UI designer. Thank you.

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