Niantic, stop breaking more than fixing

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From the Release notes I take that Niantic has fixed 4 things with 2.45.1:

  • Fixed: The Apex icon in the New Access Level field kits is now the same size as other item icons.
  • Fixed: The item Store category icons are now located above their correct categories.
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash caused by corrupted inventory.
  • Fixed: On iOS, canceling a Portal Scan sometimes caused the Ingress app to stay in a high frame rate mode.

At the same, Niantic broke 5 or 6 other things:

Niantic, please increase your efforts with QA and/or change the release cycle so that devs aren't pushed to release unfinished things and, most importantly, breaking stuff that was already working.

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  • I don't see anything about the broken sojourner being fixed. Hopefully recharging is counting again....

  • Well, i'm not updating my version. And NIA, better not force update until the next "fix" :/

  • Any chance the Sojourner bug is related to playtimes?

    I just tried to burst an enemy field and nothing is happening... no damage whatsoever...

    Did Nia make an official announcement about not allowing recharge / damage to portals at late night / early mornings?

  • iFrankmansiFrankmans ✭✭✭✭

    There's atleast one other bug.

    When submitting a new nomination the marker is placed hundred of kilometers away from the current position, and cannot be placed correctly.

  • Same here iFrankmans

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    It seems like a lot of bugs came out on the iOS side. If anything, Niantic can get a bug fix (2.45.x) compiling.

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    Don't mean to hijack the thread but in addition to these things, the Mission Creator Tool has also been broken for ages for agents who didn't make their account with Scanner Redacted. Wayfarer is the newest edition to the things that are already broken and there has been no fix for the drop in a reviewer's rating for over a month now. Yes, I am aware there is a different form for Wayfarer now and I along with many many many other users have reported the issue there.

    It makes me feel if the development team is even aware of what the issue potentially is? If they are, what is causing so long for these issues to resolve?

    Please enlighten me if you could spare a few minutes of your busy schedule @ace .

  • @Naruwasher the Mission Authoring Tool is getting updated with a new login system coming soon, which should fix the issue affecting accounts created with Prime.

    @1valdis are you still seeing this issue with Activities and Chat not loading in 2.48.2?

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