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Summary of issue:

Ok at beginning - it was tested on:

Android 8.0 - Xiaomi Mi MiX 2S (*) issues confirmed: 1 + 2 + 3

Android 10 - Xiaomi Mi 10 (*) issues confirmed: 1 + 2 + 3

Android 8.0 - Sony Xperia XZ1 (G8341) (*) issues confirmed: 2 + 3

Android 8.1 - Pocophone F1 issues confirmed: 2 + 3

Android 9 - Xiaomi Mi 10 Note issues confirmed: 2

Android 9 - Samsung Galaxy A10e issues confirmed: 2

It's deffinitely bug somehow related to OS because on iOS it's working fine:

  1. APEX bug - memory leaks. After using APEX ingress is going to be much slower and less responsive, AFter 8 mins game is so slow it has to be restarted.
  2. Command queue is different than on iOS. Let's say i'm shoting 15x XMP in a row. It's going to queue. In meantime shots from queue are going down, I'm hitting portal and start deploying rezos + mods. On iOS it's going instantly - on Android i have to wait until all attack goes down first. Same thing with hacks.
  3. Nominations button dissapearing randomly. Sometimes restart helps, sometimes it won't. On iOS it's not dissapearing at all.

I'm not sure if someone reported above issues already, i could fint nominatioons one only but noboty connected dots it happens on Android devices only yet.

In case if you need more info - i have daily access to phone devices with wildcard on list and iPhone 8 with iOS13. About another i can talk with friends who own them.

Honestly i was sure that is only Xiaomi Mi MiX 2S issue so i got new Mi 10 (nice snapdragon 865) and there are same issues. So started asking another players and even tried on my business phone to install ingress and check it (well i didn't try to use APEX on it as it's waste of time and AP this way)

Friends with Android 9 have no nominations access yet but i guess it will be same issue as it appears on android 8 and 10.

Device: Xiaomi Mi 10

OS: Android 8-10

App Version (Settings > Scroll to the bottom): 2.47.2

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    Ok - looks like issue number 1 and 3 are fixed in 2.48.2.

    Command queue is still broken. Should i start new topic dedicated just for it or is it already addressed somewhere?

  • Having a very big problem with recharging any portals. Whether it's remote or I'm on top of the portal.

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