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In this topic, written a long time ago, back in January, we asked Niantik to make a translation of the game into Russian. The Russian-speaking community is even ready to help with the translation. But there was no answer. We asked for the same thing in other topics that are similar in spirit to a given topic many times. But again, there is no answer. Due to the fact that the training has not been translated, and most of the menus are not completely translated, many players cannot understand what this game is about, and drop it without having completed the training. Russian language is not some small dialect, it is the language spoken by people from all countries that were part of the USSR.

Niantik do not forget that you have many trusted agents who can help you, absolutely no cost. We, agents, end users of your software product, you make it for us, and if you want sales and return on your investment, listen to us.

Therefore, I ask you, who can, please convey to the company management our request for normal localization,

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