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  • Resistance

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    Oh no dont keep posting outdated tessera everywhere (that cannot earn you a point or the medal) PLEASE

    maybe you can have a look at my post about when, how and where to post your screenshot.


  • ENL

  • hi join us on the tg of resistance, we will help you with pleasure, your screen is not in the right place soon

  • Olá Fillipe e agentes nativos em português.

    No momento, (09/maio/2020) estamos no Round 11, dentro de cada round temos algumas rodadas e cada uma delas tem um nome (Exemplo:Lucida Departure, Lucida Unmasked, Lucida Ultimatum, Osiris Summit 1#).

    Fique atento nas próximas rodadas, o @Truthseeker posta um tópico com o número do Round seguido do nome da rodada junto com o horário no formato UTC que é o horário Universal. Para São Paulo por exemplo estamos 3 horas atrás do horário UTC, pesquise caso utilize outro fuso horário.

    No horário indicado, ele coloca um código ou um link para o bit.ly de um arquivo PDF com as senhas para você postar o print neste mesmo tópico, é preciso ser bem rápido. Coloque o print e sua facção, e o post não pode ser editado. Se postou errado, poste novamente.

  • Como faz para ganhar a medalha?

    • Medalha de Primeiro Descobridor: Seja o primeiro a descobrir ao menos um Tessera

    • Medalha de Descobridor: Descobrir ao menos um Tessera, não necessitando ser o primeiro.

    • Medalha Rastreador: Descobrir conexões entre jogos e história. Demonstrar sua compreensão das Diretrizes do Tessellation através de pelo menos 2 postagens no fórum e / ou ajuda os Agentes novos na investigação.

    Caso ainda esteja perdido, comece por aqui: https://telegra.ph/Tessellation-05-08

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    I did not acquire forum badge despite i successfully posted on p22 didact unmasked. Please check it while waiting for tethered hand to speak


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    @pdrobek you do not just get a badge for posting an image on the forums in the correct thread. There are very specific criteria for each badge, somewhat explained on the first page of this thread and in other places on the site. For the Discoverer forum badge, which is the one that would apply for posting an image, you must be one of the FIRST THREE confirmed Agents for your faction who posted an image. The Discoverers are announced in a post on each Tessera thread by Truthseeker when the Prediction period arrives.

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    Sure i know that but still on first page was:

    1st Discoverer: You were verified as the 1st Discoverer for at least one Tessera. - in my opinion i do not achieve this

    Discoverer: You were verified as a Discoverer for at least one Tessera. - in my opinion i do achieve this one

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    At the end of the post PAC posts the list of verified discoverers.

    Which has been pointed out is the first 3 to post the screenshot in each faction.

  • hi a post on the forum does not entitle you to a forum badge, there are very specific conditions for that. if you think you are eligible look on the medal is a claim

  • https://www.januslaboratorium.com/tessellation you must also go to this site by clicking on a tessera there are the 3 discoverers eligible for the medal

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    I think you wanted to say "you can also" and "First Discoverer and 5 follow Discoverers"?

    Another point is the NIA Tessellation board's information update is always too late, usually days after that round ended.

    The most convient way is to look at Dr.PAC's comment.

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    @all thank you, key word is "verified". Now all is clear

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    @Truthseeker In simple words, could you answer the following?:

    -Who and how are the discoverers verified?

    -All those who claim a PDF code are deserving of the discoverer medal if they do the post on time? in the forum and in the scanner?

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    Sorry, not Truthseeker but I might be able to help.

    Your question are answered in the first post of this thread and in the Tessellation Directives.

    The Discoverers are verified by the NIA (Niantic) and are then proclaimed "Discoverers" when the Prediction phase comes around. PAC will say who is a Discoverer for each faction for each Tessera.

    No, not everyone who posts will get a Discoverer medal for each Tessera. Only the FIRST THREE agents from EACH FACTION with a confirmed, accurate, unedited post in the appropriate thread within the timeframe (verified by NIA and posted by Truthseeker) are considered Discoverers for each Tessera. Those people will receive the Discover forum badge, as well as qualify for the Paragon medal (Scanner medal).

    All this information and more is available at https://www.januslaboratorium.com/directives and https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/5341/tessellation-directives-0419-update/p1. Feel free to reach out to me on Telegram (@ArkFang) if you have any other questions.

  • if i find the media in 1 passcode and post it in time in the correct place. will i receive a badge of discoverer ?

    its so dificult find the passcode. it arrive to late.

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    Thanks to your work, and there is one bug: the "Discoverer"s are not the first 10, but the first 3 of each faction, total 6, posters of each tessera.

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    There seems to be a lot of confusion about the badges so to put it simple, there are two distinct set of badges, which are both related to passcode redeeming and participation in the Tessellation:

    Forum badges in this community

    "1st Discoverer" (first media post), "Discoverer" (first 3 media posts for each faction RES/ENL) and "Tracker" (2 forum posts demonstrating understanding of the Tessellation directives), which are a plain qualification to

    Personal Scanner medal(s)

    "Paragon". In addition, "Paragon" medal can be obtained through more ambiguous terms connected to high participation in each decoding process, a more detailed description can be found from previous comments.

    To qualify for a Scanner medal "Knight of Tessellation" only 1 media post from the passcode list to a correct discussion thread within predefined time frame is enough. However, one media post (unless among first 3 of your faction) does not qualify for a "Discoverer" badge at this community. Posting multiple media screenshots from one Tessera in each round will cause a disqualification, so be sure to redeem only 1 code.

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    Interesting medal

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    @Truthseeker I admit I got a little late at the new clues for the Tesserae, but I understood the directives of Tesserae, often managing to publish the Tesserae before post links, also contributes to the collaboration and encouragement of participations such as @LadyZap and @gansoguedes and other agents of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), but i have not received the badge Tracker.

  • You may need to ask for the badge by yourself.

    I'm sorry to say that, but I had a look at your profile and I don't think you reached the request of Tracker:

    You have made at least two posts demonstrating your understanding of the Tessellation Directives, and/or helping Agents new to the investigation.

    Anyway I'm not Dr.PAC or Niantic; you can just have a try to ask for the badge at

    by click the "ask for that badge" button below that page.

    Wishes for you.

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    Thanks for your opinion! Today we went a little further and managed to post on TESSERA Round 12 - Victoria Kureze & Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, even though we were not the first, we are making progress!


  • Las insignias del foro de The Tesellation son:

    1st Discoverer es la primera publicación de la media en el foro correcto.

    Discoverer son las 3 primeras publicaciones en las medias para cada facción RES / ENL.

    Tracker o Rastreador son dos publicaciones en el foro que demuestran la comprensión de las directivas de Tessellation y ayudan a los nuevos en entender la dinámica del evento.

    La calificación para la medalla de "King of Tesellation" se necesita solo una publicación de medios de una tessera en el hilo de discusión correcto. Está media se canjea mediante códigos de acceso. Y la discusión está disponible en un tiempo determinado y suficiente.

    Suficiente con tener algunas de las insignias del foro del Teselado en su perfil, para que seas elegible para la medalla del "Paragon".

    Publicar múltiples capturas de pantalla de medios de un Tessera en cada ronda provocará una descalificación, así que asegúrese de canjear solo 1 código.

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