TESSERA Round 11 - Optima & Devra Bogdanovich

Truthseekers: Your mission is to retrieve the physical Tessera Optima and Tessera Devra Bogdanovich.

Here are the rules -

  1. Solve a puzzle to acquire a passcode.
  2. The passcode will give you the Tessera Optima Media. There will be only 1 single redeem.
  3. The first Agent to acquire the correct passcode, redeem, and comment with a valid screenshot of the Media will win the physical Tessera Optima, plus 5 pts for their Faction (A). This Agent will also be assigned the First Discoverer.
  4. The Tethered Hand's Vessels (1-ENL, 1-RES) would now reveal themselves to you and be on standby.
  5. The first Agent of the other Faction (B) to solve the puzzle, should then tell the Vessel what they decoded. If the passcode is correct, this Agent would then gain the physical Tessera Devra plus 2 pts for Faction(B). The Agent will be assigned the First Discoverer for Tessera Devra.
  6. The Vessel will first deliver the passcode for Tessera Devra Media to the First Discoverer of Faction (B). The First Discoverer should then post their screenshot of the Media in this thread.
  7. Next, The Tethered Hand will boost the global redemption for both Tesserae Media. The passcode for Tessera Devra will also be delivered to Faction(A).
  8. The physical Tesserae will be mailed at a later time. Vessels will reach out to the 2 physical Tesserae winners individually.
  9. Your Prediction Window is 30 min(base) +2 hrs (extension). If neither Faction solves the puzzle in time, you will lose the chance to make Placement Predictions. Nemesis will hence gain 4 pts (2 for each Tessera).
  10. This Virtual Live Drop will take place @ May 16 06:30 UTC




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