Ingress Rating 3* in Store



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    This is actually a good idea... I'm probably gonna change my 5* to 4* once this comes out

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    Those are all legitimate reasons that I would have loved to have heard when everything was going down. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that was communicated to the community. I was active in a few different Ingress communities back then, and everyone I spoke to felt blindsided by how things went down. We knew about RoboVM being deprecated, of course, but the reintroduction of Scanner:Redacted seemed to suggest it wasn't as big an issue as expected.

    I understand Niantic not wanting (or being able) to lay blame on other parties for releasing early, but the shortened beta and lack of communication about what was going on really gave off a sense that they were acting reactively and not proactively with releasing Prime.

    I certainly agree that the discontinuation of Redacted could be better considered the "launch" of Prime, but unfortunately that was just not how Niantic communicated things and I think they ended up paying for it.

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    Brian, please start listening to the community that asks you to do something specific in the game. Read the forum carefully. For example, а lot of agents have been waiting for you in this forum thread for a long time.

    Until the community begins to cooperate with the players, the application will have a rating of 3, the vanguards will leave you, and the game will not bring decent profit.

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    Most of 1* are prime haters.

    But breaking things in each patch might have also a part in it.

    Like throwing everyone in poor rating in wayfarer while giving double recon.

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    some highlights of 1* ratings in the google store..

    May 14, 2020


    Blocked for rooted phones. Even if it's not rooted anymore, the app thinks it is and you can't play. Basically, if you have ever done anything to your phone, this is unplayable. Terrible choice.

    May 13, 2020


    Ruined by spoofers and Niantic refuse/do nothing to address the issue.

    ay 13, 2020


    Used to love the game. Stopped working on my phone after an update, and I had already been feeling disenfranchised with changes to the live event structuring. So I guess I'm done.


    May 12, 2020Keep trying to download Prime but it simply won't install. Bring back Redacted!!!


    May 11, 2020Ingress is a dead game! Niantic never listen to the playerbase they just do what they want to do no matter what. They because money making company as soon as they launched ingress!

  • Actualmente es juego dejo de ser atractivo

    Muchos jugadores dejaron e desintalaron y calificaron en play store en baja calificación por decisión de dar el scaner redacter..

    Mala decisión...

    Ese scaner era parte de la esencia del juego..

    Actualmente el prime.. Es vulnerable muchos spoofer aprovechan de hacer actividad destruir portales capturados de agentes que viajaron

    Aparte denunciar a través de soporte y que se te respondan el mismo mensaje


    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    We’re writing to confirm that we have carefully reviewed your report and have taken action where appropriate. Note that not all outcomes may result in a ban. Based on our policy, we may warn a person, place restrictions on their account, or take other appropriate actions.

    For privacy reasons, we cannot discuss actions taken against other agents; therefore, you will not receive any additional updates on this report. If you need to report a new incident, please submit a new report from the Help Center:

    Thanks again for your help in keeping Ingress fun and fair.

    Tampoco no veo acciones que hagan de prohíba al spoofer y sigue haciendo actividad prácticamente uno pierde el gusto por el juego..

    Ingress es mas q una comunidad pero la todos los agentes tienen una paciencia y en muchos se les termino.


  • This is well said, and that abusive dynamic is why I finally walked away. A company that claims to value players and their perspectives, but devalues and disrespects those who represent the community and work to make things better is a dishonest company. Actions speak louder than words @NianticBrian , and the company has shown time and again that it still, after all these years, does not understand the magic of Ingress.

  • The new "update" is out! Where are all the people who disagreed with my "every update is slow and disappointing" comment. Because that's what the new update is all about. smh.

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    did new update fix ghost links ? or portals that refuses to throw out a link eventhough it looks like it should and not getting any errors ?

  • Nope! The green portals still has the blue flames...? And the other one is a rare bug but i think it's still not fixed. I usually just restart app and it fixes itself, like many other bugs that prime normally hoards :/

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    Great to hear im excited about upcoming features to Ingress.

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    While people can adapt to a new interface and put up with bugs, it's impossible to get anyone to put up with spoofers & multis. Not dealing with spoofers harshly is what is pushing people away. Your 3 strike policy is partly to blame. Someone on a rooted Android 7 (Redmi phone) + FGL Pro + Magisk can still spoof all over. If you do eventually decide to take action this account has already reached L16 by the 2nd strike.

    On the topic of retaining players. A major change that would overcome that and more is suggested here.

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    Redacted (upper case to show respect) didn't die. It was murdered and replaced with an imposter.

    And some of us are still around, if only to watch the show.

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    I see your point, @GreenVam but my personal experience is the exact opposite, so I feel it's worth me chipping in to balance your view.

    There are lots of posts from people who prefer Redacted, but that's not necessarily a fair picture of the average gamer's preferences, as Redacted's user-base consists of people who liked redacted!

    Around the launch of Pokemon Go, I gave Ingress a quick look. All I can really remember from the few minutes I spent in game before I deleted it was that it looked like an explosion in a firework factory and I had no idea what was going on.

    Around a year ago, I decided to grind Ingress just to get OPR access. I found a really interesting game about triangles, and I got hooked into it, to the extent that I play it much more than Pokemon Go these days. As for all the 'it's not a game' stuff, and the media content, I'm very happy ignoring that, it all seems a bit low budget sci-fi to me. My view is that the game would be better off without it.

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  • I think both of you are right, in a sense. A balance between both your perspectives can be reached. The storyline out-of-game is (to be brutally honest) pretty camp, but that doesn't mean parts of it can't be added to create more compelling gameplay.

    One easy addition would missions. You start with a simple daily set of tasks and add some flavor text to give it meaning.

    "We detected anomalous XM readings from nearby portals. Mitigate it by creating a link star with at least four outgoing links."

    "Hostile agents were spotted interacting with portals near you, but their activities were encrypted. Glyph hack different portals to see if we can decrypt their communications and gain intel."

    Boom, you've added story immersion for those who care about it, while adding gameplay for those who don't.

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    Friends, let's drop the whole plot and leave only the scanner (as a software product).

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here is an example, this is a scanner of abnormal activity from the game s.t.a.l.k.e.r.

    Stylish, ergonomic and functional, that is, nothing more. Sincere things, you look at her and imagine a colorful man with a machine gun in an anti-radiation suit and body armor ...

    And what emotions does the ingress scanner evoke?

    During training, yes, there is that unique atmosphere. Even the visual effects of noise on the screen look amazing. Just think, they’re recruiting me into a secret organization! What's next? The gameplay is like a cardiogram of a deceased, smooth and uniform. The sense of real in-game danger to the world disappears, and after several weeks of active play, the secret of the agent disappears. Everyone knows everything about the enemy and the enemy knows everything about you - where he went, what he did, which portal was captured. There is no atmosphere of secrecy inside the software product, no secrets and mysteries.

    There is no spirit of secret penetration into the enemy system, no spirit of underground resistance, no spirit of selfless struggle to defend the world. Agree for most players, the plot is not known since it is not represented in the game. If a person is not picked up and brought to the plot chats, then he will not know for what purpose he draws triangles.

    I'm not talking about the fact that even the bright topic of Pokemon is visible in the afternoon better than the ingress scanner.

    And one more thing. There is a scanner created by ADA and there is a scanner patched by jarvis. Why is there no attempt to conquer the scanner technology? For example, if one fraction wins, then the other begins to interrupt the scanner, periodically junk functions, and so on?

    Personally, my opinion is that the scanner is absolutely not like a secret agent tool.

    We know about all the committed actions of the enemy, and I will say even more than each individual agent. Shouldn't an agent conduct its operations covertly without impersonating itself once again?

  • I follow your logic but arrive to a very different conclusion. Everything you described sounds like justification for adding more features to increase that cyper-spy aesthetic, rather than removing it entirely. The devs could add a mod that pixelates player names on portals when viewed by the opposing faction. They could add a cloaking device that prevents a player's activities from being broadcast to the opposing faction. They could add the ability to create covert faction channels in the in-game comms that require a password to join, instead of having an unsecured free-for-all in the current faction chat.

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    I beg you to open a topic with (more of) your ideas if you didn't already. They're really good, and I think such topic would be a great reading (and talking).

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    Symbol, image, metaphor of Spyware to protect the world from rivals. This is what a scanner should be. And it should become a scanner - a functional, stylish, ergonomic “device”. Nothing more is needed. The plot should be, but it should be presented in the scanner, at least with the help of voice assistants Jarvis and ADA. While the storyline in the scanner is expressed extremely unfinished, because of this, newcomers often ask what kind of face is this on media? And what kind of piece of picture fell out of the portal? Ordinary agents should also be involved in the plot.

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    The redact problem can be easily solved by adding a skin feature into the game.

    Just by change colour pallets will already work as a good pacifier for almost every redacted orphans out there. If change some of the buttons styles and places/format would be a even better solution, pacifier and milk.

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    @Hydraulinski They also would need to reimplement a couple of things for feature parity. I care less about the look and feel than I do about the features that I used to do easily and regularly... things are now difficult or impossible. I used to just be able to take a quick screenshot of a stats screen and share it with friends, or keep it for my history, and now that requires multiple OS screenshots plus an external program to reassemble the manual ones into a single image I used navigate to portal regularly for exploring an area quickly and efficiently and now that's just impossible-- there is no workaround.

    I find myself wanting to do one of those two things nearly every day, and every time it's just as frustrating as it was when Redacted went away.

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