Homogeneous fielding, Coronavirus-edition! 😷

Ingress is best played together with fellow agents, but what to do when you are not allowed to meet? The obvious answer is building a 6-layered Homogeneous Control Field in the middle of the night ... at least according to @JCDKing. And so we did!

This wasn't going to be the first HCL6 in Aachen, but we needed a whole new plan. Only after all preparations were done we eventually agreed to build it just the same night, starting at 2 AM to avoid any disturbances.

... or in other words: about 50 km biking, 5 km walking, 10 km driving, and not to mention lots of hours for 366 links and 364 fields. And three cans of energy drink 🍻



  • ArwethArweth ✭✭✭

    Another german beauty! Corona-congrat! 😉

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