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When I saw the firs time the K13 tessera I understand instantly that I saw something similar before: the drawings made by wave resonance and sand.

This drawings changes due to a specific shape of the plane and a specific frequency.

I didn't public this before cause I supposed can be a clue for the tessellation challenge, but now with the last video of the results of 9th and 10th rounds I think that the connection with the resonance tessera of the nemesis story is clear and public.


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    I don't think that this specific pattern can be associated to a real combination of specific shape and frequency, but is possible. The important aspect, and what we can analize, is the pattern as a drawing: in this we can see 7 central and complete circle/ovals and 6 half circles at the perimeter. the hexagon is divided by its axis in six triangles.

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    When something is in resonance, vibrate in the same way of the source, became like the source. Cause is absurd to think that nemesis will fight all different possible alternative world i think that they want to use Osiris node as a source and put in resonance all other universes. In this way they will fight one battle and if win the single battle win in all universes. This is how the come here, cause in their world this victory is impossible,

  • It's the 7 into 13 we discussed before isn't it. 🤔 7 inners plus the 6 outer make 13 This is definitely something I have been thinking about for a few days.

    I like your theory on this being the ultimate war for all universes. If it is the case, we best hope we win 😬

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    Yes, the idea that this tessera refer to the sentence 7 become 13 was my first theory. But after read the nemesis Story seems that the 7 researcher is the core nemesis and simply after the "creation of nemesis" others was added to complete the magnus. So now i dont think they use resonance to "become" the missing archetypes (for now we see already 8 unmask if i'm not wrong).

    So this is my new theory: Nemesis understand that the Resonance can defeat Exogenous but they cannot use it in their world cause was compromised. Then they understand the Equation from Nagassa (that i think is the key to understand the prime objects and his functionality) and RPE from Hank1218.

    I think that artifacts are all connected each other in a "prime object network" (as Wraight said) that connect also all possible worlds, and nemesis want to use this network to propagate the "wave" and block Exogenous in all the multiverse.

    Is possible that the Prime Objects are the variables of the equation and when you know the equation you know the "value" of every specific Prime Object to produce a specific result in one world.

    Then, with resonance, all objects in the multiverse would assume the same "value", the same configuration, and then in all world we will have the same result,

    The tessellation is the membrane, we know, that divide our world from the exogenous and we know also that Prime Objects can control the permeability of this membrane in favour of Shaper, Nzeer or no one. So the result is the complete impermeability of the membrane (but i think could be an error as i write in the post about the balance).

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    I think@Miketrevis is on to something. I think it is a Chladni plate. The sound frequency to each universe.

    It's like the recursion coins that Yuri used to get N-Yuri's memories. Only a Chladni plate will give you the 'address' of each universe just by changing the frequency of the sound on the plate. (This web site provides video the instates sounds in space https://insidetheperimeter.ca/listen-scintillating-sounds-universe/ )

    Now is k13 is an address to a particular universe, whose universe is it, Nemesis, Osiris, or the Undine?

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    We did get some clues from the last TH video: when a column gets completed - we have an established resonance. We're shown that the 13 tessera involving Nemesis killing the Osiris Researchers simulacra created a resonance that was a key to the Exogenous requiem.

    We also see the pieces of the D e a t h Tarot card create a resonance along with the column of tessera involving corporations and projects within NIA.

    We can assume resonances are created horizontal as well with 13 tessera. 196 tessera and 26 resonances?

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