TESSERA Round 11 - Lucida Departure

Truthseekers: This Tessera will be available @ May 8 2212 UTC. There may be variations in the method.

This Tessera is linked to Tessera Enoch on World Resonance

You will have until May 9th 0012 UTC to gather as many valid screenshots as you can in this thread. With every 100 valid [screenshot comments accumulated, you'll gain 10 more minutes] of extension to the Prediction Window. The Forum editing function will be turned off between the gathering period, and then enabled for 10 min. After that the thread will be closed until verifications come in. Please make your Discoverer adjustments during that time.





Points will be nullified for this thread due to my errors in the announcement of time.

Editing will be enabled at the same time as Tessera Summit#1


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