About OPR brainstorm

There is a script, OPR brainstorm, widely used in the opr community especially in the Enlightened community. It was developed by an Enlightened agent for collecting and sharing OPR data. 

The following link is a description about the script written by the author:

In the article, the author acknowledged that he wanted the OPR system to be a social environment instead of lonely works. So he developed this script, so that everyone using this script can share his own rating with others who also use this script.

Above is the UI of this script. The rating, id and comment of all agents using this plugin are shown in the upper right corner. When agents submit their ratings, all data is also transferred to the server of this script.

All the instant data can be viewed in the telegram channel https://t.me/oprBrainstorming and all the data can be searched by telegram bot @Watermeter_Bot. Webpage Brainstorming Wall https://brainstorming.azurewebsites.net/bs.html can also be used to view instant data or search data..

The author of this script said that : Share, and think independently(集思广益,独立思考). Let’s see how it help OPR agents think independently.

All the earlier agents rate the portal candidate 四只鹿 (Four deer) a duplicate of portal 三只鹿 (three deer) . Even agent VNGVNGVNG thought all the earlier agents were wrong, he rated the portal candidate dup for his GREAT performance.( 没有dup吧。 means I think it is not a duplicate.)

OPR is a system that values majority opinions. This script helps agent to see how other agents think. The script will undoubtedly manipulate personal opinion. Agents with this script don’t have to submit his own opinion. Agent can get great performance only by following the majority opinions.  


  • Yeah, I think this a bit much. I would be okay with being able get feedback from other reviewers (comments) but not ratings.

  • OphthalmosOphthalmos ✭✭✭

    I think NIA has stated clearly that you have to make decision by yourself,

  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't say it's against the spirit of reviewing since that's basically making up our own rules for it @Perringaiden . It is the choice of the reviewer to get feedback if they want help on how to review a candidate from their peers. Now the problem with this is that theres a specific time limit where you have 10 minutes to rate the candidate. It is our personal choice on if we think a candidate is viable or not but having feedback on reviewing is always a good idea because you could think of a candidate in a way you had never thought of before and it makes you reevaluate how you should review a candidate.

  • 10 minutes? I usually spend longer than that verifying things and moving it to the exact location (yes, on every review)... I've only gotten the "time out" a couple times.

  • OphthalmosOphthalmos ✭✭✭

    Against spirit of OPR is what NIA has said about this script.

  • OGMagusOGMagus ✭✭✭

    Talk about poisoning the well!

  • Niantic should withhold the paycheck of these reviewers. Oh, wait. Free labor is best labor.

  • As much as I appreciate the effort and thought behind this it just seems to expose people who "step out of line" and don't agree with the opinion of the majority, potentially making them targets for harassment by their peers ("WHY did you downvote my candidate?!?!?").

  • OphthalmosOphthalmos ✭✭✭

    It has been a week, and there is still no response from @Niantic.

  • OphthalmosOphthalmos ✭✭✭

    Still no response

  • Either ban each and every user of this thing or make this part of the vanilla OPR experience for all reviewers to use. Your choice NIA, but decide & act quickly please.

  • Sup, but isn't this a tos violation?

    I do believe it states something about outside software. But then you could argue iitc is a violation of tos....

    If it helps getting feedback, then n8antic should start a moderated chat for open discussion.

    Peace and puppies everyone, be safe

  • XJL310XJL310 ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, the attitute of Niantic is really obscure. While Niantic has acquiesced things like IITC, it is really hard to (and my personal view is that maybe we should not) ban OPR brainstorm (BS thereafter) simply based on its technical side, given that it is literally not exclusive and does not bring server pressure to the game. After all, there is no difference from asking your teammates on Telegram "what do you think of this one?" and (as far as I can see) you are free to choose joining or not.

    Another concern is that whether BS benefits certain faction and harm the other. I cannot reject this--even without something like BS, I am quite sure that in some regions people (both ENL and RES) made their judgement only based on whether the potential new portal is good for their own faction or not. You mentioned that BS is used mainly by ENL community, and I really want to know whether POI raised by RES agents gets higher rejection rate, and in that case I totally agree that BS shall be banned.

  • this is completely different to asking others on telegram, if I ask other people’s opinion there then i will consider that when making my own judgement but they won’t know how I vote in the end

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