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I really need help with this. If @NianticMac can say something it would be great

many agents (at least the ones that I am familiar with) complain because this medal does not increase

Later, I guess two AMAs before, said that Prime doesn’t need an invitation to download, so these means that the medal is kinda “pause” ?



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    I tweeted at Niantic a while back for this medal not increasing, they responded to the affect of they're working on it. Though I'm sure its on the backburner with everything they're trying to accomplish with Prime before they removed Redacted in a few months.

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    You never needed an invite to download Ingress after it left beta. The recruiter badge was weird because the link was not needed for it to count towards the recruiter badge. The only requirement was that the same email address entered in the scanner to send an invite created an account in Ingress and reached level 3 to count towards the Recruiter badge.

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    At least that “working on it” gives hope. Thanks @Majeye

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    Oh, thanks 😁

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    I'd prefer it to be reactivated witha better recruiting system rather than removed. But I will understand if it goes away.

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    @GoblinGranate out of curiosity, what was wrong with the system they had before Prime came out?

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    I've never been able to recruit anyone. ;_;

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    @GoblinGranate I think that using a token or custom url is a better way to handle recruitment. Many apps use this feature and I would imagine it wouldn't be the hardest thing to code in. I think email addresses are about as private as your phone number... it depends on who you are comfortable with having it.

  • I "gave up" on recruiter when the number of invites I had did not total the onyx medal requirement. My completionist brain decided that it was a trick... a rhetorical medal.

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    @CriminalBizzy both things are possible, you could have a url token generator while inviting contacts!

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    I think they should have a QR code for invites. Open your app have the other person scan your code, the game downloads and you get credit. Have it change everytime it is used so agents can't print off recruiting flyers though.

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    I never thought of it that way but I can see your line of thought.

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    Recruiter medal was also broken in respect that the last person who would sent the invite would get the +1, not the first.

  • I am one of the lucky agents who was able to recruit three people in a fair manner, years ago of course.

  • good!



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    I wish Recruiter didn't exist - it was weird when it was introduced as the game was public and it required knowing the person's email address.

  • Some agents put a lot of work into recruiting and others very little or not at all. I felt the recruiter medal was a very appropriate way to reward agents who spread the word and helped new players start playing. Even with only 11, it is one of my favorite badges.

    I agree that the system was not ideal. A time- sensitive direct recruiting link, QR code, etc would be better. Many apps and games have such a system so there's no new ground to break here.

    I find the idea that the recruiter medal drove the creation of backpack accounts a bit hard to ****. If someone doesn't care about cheating the illicit advantage of a backpack account is already reward enough with or without a badge. But I find cheating abhorrent and pixels "nice" so they just don't equate for me as they might for someone else.

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    I'm glad the medal is paused. Hopefully it will be disabled/removed completely. It was not a good decision to reward creating fake accounts.

  • Shouldn't it be better to implement Trained medal (bronze) for newbies?

  • KorzhakKorzhak ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nothing to say it couldn't use NFC as well (on Android devices at least).

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