TESSERA Round 11 - Lucida Unmasked

Truthseekers: This Tessera will be available @ May 7th 2202 UTC. There may be #1: variationsinthemethod.

This Tessera is linked to Tessera Lucida Ultimatum

You will have until May 8th 0002 to gather as many valid screenshots as you can in this thread. With every 100 screenshots accumulated, you'll gain 10 minutes of extension to the Prediction Window. The Forum editing function will be turned off between May 7th 2202 - May 8th 0002, and then enabled for 10 min. After that the thread will be closed until verifications come in. Please make your Discoverer adjustments during that time.

#2: 2Wb8UyUPlease give your fellow Agents a chance to acquire the Tessera and winning a Medal. From now on, Agents that redeem multiple passcodes of a single Tessera, their submission of screenshots will not count toward fulfilling the Paragon or Knight Medal qualifications.





There seems to be another unexpected interference with the Forum again. The screenshot submission will be reopened once it has been cleared. For this reason, the time limits from the Prediction Window of Tessera Lucida Ultimatum will be canceled.


We are back. All previous comments without screenshots will be cleared for clarity.

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