Ingress Rating 3* in Store

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Guys, let's increase the rating)



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    It's about right. 4- for strategy 2-3 for tech. To get to 4 on that front spoof, multiproofing and frequent reset has to be minimized or only occasionally happening. Until Dec. 2019 the joke in my area was you'd be only able to play 45 minutes out of every hour because of freezes, puntmonster kicking you out, or other things that force a reload.

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    I regularly see spoofers who regularly fly even around the city. Here and there fake portals appear, and if there is an advantage in the number of players of one faction, then such portals cannot be deleted. Portals are often out of place. Some players have modified versions of scanners with which aegis shields are removed in 1-2 seconds and so on. Now tell me why this game put 5 stars in the playmarket?

    Updates do not bring anything new to the game in terms of gameplay. And this is from the very beginning of the launch of prime. Custom cursors and a subject to increase experience do not count; they have little effect on gameplay. Once again I ask for what this game to put 5 or not, 3 stars?

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    My dear interlocutor, we all see the result. And we can compare the result of ingress and the results in games about Pokemon and Harry Potter.

    I will give you an example from my recent conversation with a newcomer agent. He asked me why the game looks so awful? links are still sometimes displayed even on top devices in the form of dashed lines, texture on the margins as from the first three-dimensional games of the early 2000s. The earth has no textures, the sky has no textures, emptiness around!

    Why is the game from the company that released the great Pokémon go more like a beta version of a program written by students for their thesis?

    I bought keylockers, bought an avatar, supported the company. And I have the right to say that this is not normal.

    I am ready to pay for a game that looks modern and constantly gets new features. Here is an example of what a map might look like. Not darkness around and everywhere, but a really nice-looking map.

    You can make the same map of the area in dark colors, There is no difference. But compare the screenshot from ingress and this game. Which of the games is more like a beta version made by two students on an old computer for their thesis work? Waiting for your honest reply.

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    But this is fake location map. Ingress use OSM.

    I know it's no excuse, it can till be improved, just not as much detailed as this.

    About the discussion, I would that if you're happy with the game overall, give it a 4, just to help increasing it's rating. Because if it get too low it's far easier to Niantic to just drop it instead of trying to make every hater happy. They clearly don't need Ingress specifically to make money.

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    @NianticBrian @NianticChiaki @NianticFumi @NianticHilda

    Do you generally respond to what is written on this forum? If so, please comment on the problem from the message above.

  • so sad

  • Did you also look at the revenue streams? You don't get developers for free.

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    That's true. Ingress is a different game than PoGo/HPWU in that those two are about personal stats/gain, and Ingress is about making changes to the playing field. Because of that, monetizing Ingress requires more care so that they don't make it pay-to-win. It can certainly be done thoughtfully and carefully, but the design pattern will be different from the other two games.

    Still, Niantic threw away a lot of goodwill and loyalty with the shift to prime. They are going to have to re-earn player trust and delight. "It doesn't suck as much as it used to" isn't going to inspire people to up their rating, or even to play again. I can't find the old post where (I think) Brian was talking about the low rating, but I came away from it with the impression that Niantic blamed players for the rating rather than looking internally to understand why so many people were unhappy. My memory may be faulty on that, though.

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    i am pretty sure most of those who change their rating to 1* in september still play 😂🤣

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    I'd rate Ingress 1* for should this be a wayspot, 4* for historical or cultural significance and visually unique, 5* for safe access and location accuracy.

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    Well i know tons of players that quit shortly after prime came out, many said "im not buying new phone to play ingress prime"... those havent come back still after 1* rating..... even today it has issues with ghost links etc... but overall its alot better then back then sure... but the damage has already been done going by ratings :/ not sure how they can fix it? Now with the corona virus worldwide all fun events anomalies etc are put on hold.. that also will affect ingress since all those events made ingress special....

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    PoGo and HPWU, but in two games many troubles too 🙃😁🤗🤷🤷🤷

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    what about they send an e-mail or something to all those players that havent signed in for 6 months or so with all the things that are new / fixed etc maybe ? They lost many players due to redacted being retired but it wouldnt hurt try get some back maybe.... its a shame looking the ratings that the other niantic games have atleast 4.0 rating average.. and ingress 3.0.....

    Comparing the average votes on all 3 games u can tell that ingress players that leave a vote in google playstore either gives a 5* or 1* which is almost as many and 2* 3* 4* is very little and even pokemon and harry potter majority of players gives a 5* rating.. not many give 1* as much as ingress has got... this is a problem looking at such stats and compare.....

    there is almost a 50% chance a user giving a review on prime that is either 1* or 5* not sure if thats so good ?

    Pokemon i dont even need to write much.. over 13 mil ratings and majority is 5*

    Harry potter is the newest game from niantic, out of 291 616 ratings it has 4.0 rating score

    Ingress has out of 414 475 ratings only 3.0 score.

    also the latest reviews in my language for Prime shows ppl giving a 1* rating from 2018-2019 so a bit old reviews but they are still there... what are the odds new players will try this game reading those? compared to HP where more leave 4 or 5* positive ratings... i wonder how they can fix this?

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    Wow, That was supposed to be a quick five-minute note before bed, but I got pretty long-winded. Sorry about that.

  • It was insightful! And certainly highlighted the key issues surrounding Niantic's operations. It's a recurring theme which *should* have been dealt with after Pokemon Go multiple initial communication fiascos.

    The initial launch of Prime is another prime (heh) example of this behavior. The app's open beta was announced to be open to all Cassandra Prime attendees by the end of summer 2018. Attendees ended up not getting access until October, with no communication on what caused the delay or what to expect.

    The beta arrived and lasted for about two weeks before Prime was unceremoniously dropped onto the Play Store in early November with zero warning. No prior launch day announcement, no attempts to build hype beyond a PoGo event, nothing. It just sort of... showed up out of the blue, still lacking needed fixes based on the feedback received from the criminally-abbreviated beta testing.

    I am personally hopeful that Ingress is on the upswing, but that is entirely dependent on if Niantic can get out of its own way for once.

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    From the APK tear down that’s been posted around, it seems they’re going to try and rectify it by having occasional pop-ups like other apps that ask you to rate the app.

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