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Currently uploading scans requires being on the settings screen for possibly hours. While suggested progress bar in the settings would make it a bit friendlier, it doesn't solve much bigger problem: the upload takes place in foreground instead of background. I was uploading for 3.5 hours today. It wasn't much fun really.

I'd like it to look like a download in browser works: you tap and it creates non-removable notification with progress bar right in it. You should be able to play normally or even leave the app and do other stuff while it uploads. Example:


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    This is so desperately needed if Niantic wants more participation. I spent over 9 hours trying to upload scans this evening, which is not an uncommon amount of time. While it's doing so, I can't do anything else on my phone, and it stays on for so long it needs to be charging at the same time and inevitably becomes excessively hot.

  • Yes I agree with the above, I've stated those my self on this post

    I've noticed, that having my phone locked, when I upload scans, it works, so I don't need to keep it on charging and overheating at the same time, while uploading.

  • Background, status bar, Something.

    Starting the upload and not doing anything I find the scanner restarts when I pick up the phone and I have know idea how many, if any have successfully updated. I finally deleted the scans I had done.

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    Seems like for 2.46 we're gonna have "background" portal scans upload. Thanks for that, not being sarcastic, that's already better. But why hyphens? Because you still have to keep Ingress open for uploading. But can we have, like, truly background upload, with ability to use other apps while uploading? Because there's not much of a use for Ingress app overally, when I'm at home uploading. Aaaand ideally progress bar too, still.

  • 2.46.1 doesn't support background uploadTask or uploading in the background. Like you mentioned, the Ingress app still needs to remain in foreground, but now the Settings menu can be closed and the upload will continue. It's more complex to do true background uploads, but we're looking at when we might be able to tackle this.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian thank you for the info, I appreciate it. Hopefully this will be implemented, sooner or later.

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    @NianticBrian could the team look into having some kind of upload progress bar in the settings or a text telling how many scans are waiting to be uploaded?

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    My last 'upload later' upload from home wifi took 2 hours for 83 scans. It crashed around half way thru, so that included a restart.

    Each crash during upload appears to cause an upload to be lost.

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