Ingress 2.46.1 Release Notes

What’s new:

  • Uploading Portal Scans then closing the Settings menu now continues to upload Portal Scans while the Ingress app is still running

Bug fixes:

  • Portal Scanning Agent stat and Scout medal are updating again after each successful upload. Note that Portal Scans uploaded with 2.45.1 will be recognized and incremented in one batch after all Agents have updated to 2.46.1
  • The Ingress app icon has returned to its original (larger) icon size
  • The full info panel is visible when tapping the “i” Info button to learn more about items
  • On iOS, Agent medals and Agent stats load correctly for languages and regions outside of English (US)
  • On iOS, Remote Portal View fills the screen up to the iPhone notch
  • On iOS, total XM value below the “Recycle” button is visible
  • On older Android devices, ghost items displaying above the Attack carousel have been cleaned up


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