Who's up for a "like" farm?

JohnnyAlphaCZJohnnyAlphaCZ ✭✭✭
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The restrictions on this forum on posting links and images seems a bit daft. I get the reasoning but it is pretty much a deal breaker for those us who are mostly interested in the Portal Appeals forums.

So I was thinking we could try a "like" farm to level up. What could be more Ingress than that?

We all have to agree that everybody who posts a comment on here will get a like and they in turn will like every other comment. One comment per person (EDIT: @username comments are exempt from the one comment restriction but don't have to "liked").

Even as I'm writing this I can sense it isn't going to work, but what the hell. My threshold for online embarrassment is pretty high.

I'll start.

Hi, I'm JohnnyAlphaCZ and I like building and smashing imaginary triangles. I also like cheese and... errr... no, that's about it.

Oh, wait. BEER. I also like beer.

OK, your turn.



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