Tesserae Round 7 Results _ Amendment

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Truthseekers: Here comes the Round 7 results


UPDATE: As the Tessellation Board is progressing towards completion, the Tethered Hand is going through each teams' achievements so far. The results of the Didact live-drop Tessera has attracted their attention, and they've decided to make an amendment since this was an affect due to their own errors.

Here are the observations and decisions from the Tethered Hand;

The decoding progress of both factions for said Tessera has been closely tied. However, when the last hint was given, there was a typo in the amount of underscores( _ _ _ _ _ ). Even though the vessel was informed as soon as this error was realized, it still inevitably created a distraction that slowed one of the teams down by the seconds. As the creator of the puzzle, the Tethered Hand feels responsible, and would like to also give the Enlightened the same 5 points for this Live drop.

This is not to diminish the achievements of the Resistance. The onsite Resistance Agents will still be the only party awarded the physical drop and assigned First Discoverer.

Your understanding and participation is much appreciated.

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