Ingress should now be running normally. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this unplanned server outage.

Ingress 2.44.1 Release Notes

You should soon receive an update to version 2.44.1 of the Ingress app, which includes the following changes:

  • Feature: Enabled updated Sign in with Apple login method for iOS 13+ devices
  • UI: Updated nearby Portal cards to only show when there are no Portals within 500m, and reduced to two nearby Portal cards
  • UI: Increased visibility of Portals and Control Fields on the map screen
  • UI: Added an indicator icon for northernmost Resonator slot on deploy screen
  • UI: Added button to the Community at from main menu
  • Bugfix: Updated Mission Authoring Tool URL to 
  • Bugfix: Fixed softlock that sometimes occurred when recharging Portals
  • Bugfix: Fixed avatar sometimes not displaying when viewing another Agent’s profile

Additional notes:

  • Sign in with Apple asks Agents to confirm their Face ID or password at each login and after periods of inactivity
  • Sign in with Apple is currently available on the Ingress app on iOS 13+ devices only. Sign in with Apple on the web at,, and is not currently available. Agents should be able to link a Google account to sign in to these tools
  • On Android, the Settings menu has a blank space above options to link a Facebook or a Google account


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