Ingress 2.43.4 Release Notes



  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Also a little bug,if you glyph-hacking a Portal,AP is shown not for this hack but for previous one.Noticed that on mine Xiaomi Mi A1,and on gf's Samsung A7-16.And still sometimes random AP shown(eg this eve destroyed two resos on not-linked Portal and 20k AP was shown).

  • ElszuElszu ✭✭

    Why don't I have the portal scan option available? Ofc I have lvl 16 and Recursed

  • Ok, To reiterate, I'm in Android 5.1 on a ZTE Warp Elite phone. When I freshly install 2.43.3, and open it up the first time, the following happens:

    1) The Ingress opening screen comes up.

    2) The phone's status bar pops up at the top of the screen.

    3) The Ingress Update screen pops up. "Temporary changes..." If I choose:

    a) More Details - then, it gives me the information page. If I back out of that, it has me freshly log into Ingress. I log into Ingress with my gmail account, and it gets me into Ingress! Yay! I can then play Ingress.

    b) OK - it takes me to the endlessly frozen opening screen of ****. Boo!

    Either way, if I close Ingress, then reopen it a second time, it takes me to the endlessly frozen opening screen of ****. It doesn't pull up my phone's status bar at the top, and just remains frozen. Boo!

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Another annoying thing is that "make stats private" toggle is still broken,better not touch that:)

    And about a Portal Scan,one Agent in my cell already has Bronze medal but i haven't "Scanning" at all,seems scanning will be turned on not for everyone but in portions.

  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    Hi Brian. I'd be glad to give you a few examples. Now that "Share your favorite portals" - "Head over to your Portal keys and share a screenshot of your favorite Portal" challenge was conincidentally announced, it would be the perfect time to fix this issue. As a sidenote: This problem did not exist in the old Ingress app/Scanner Redacted.

    I will post images of a vertically aligned portal photo (or a "portrait layout") and a horizontally aligned portal photo (a "landscape layout"). I have taken these photos myself. My current number of submitted portals in game is 242, so I'm not new to this issue. Anyway, here goes:

    • Here's an example of a vertically aligned ("portrait") photo. In Wayfarer (and in Ingress Intel) we can see it in correct proportions and without extra cropping.
    • Here we have the same image when clicked through the inventory. In this image we can observe, that no extra cropping has been applied at the left and right sides of the photos, but the frame of the photo crops the image from top and bottom even though there's plenty of space vertically for the frame to be bigger and the description with the <> expanding buttons would still fit on screen. IF Ingress would relatively scale down the image from the left and right side, the whole vertically aligned image could be fit on screen here even if the image's vertical proportions would be strangely large. However I can understand that in THIS view, some kind of compromise can be made in case the image is simply too tall relative to it's horizontal size. Now, let's click at the portal image:

    * So here's what we get when we click the portal image. What happened to the sides of the image?? The image you see here is zoomed (by Ingress Prime) way deeper than the vertical size of the actual image is (see Wayfarer screenshot above and compare). The image has been unnecessarily cropped from the left and right sides of the image. The vertical size of the image should be exactly same than the vertical resolution of the screen. So: If the image's proportions are so that the relative vertical size of the image in pixels is less than the vertical resolution of the screen, the image should be scaled down so that the scaled image's horizontal resolution equals to the horizontal resolution of the screen. Otherwise the image should be scaled down so that the vertical resolution of the viewed image corresponds to the vertical resolution of the screen (or the viewport/frame, as we have the ( X ) button at the bottom of the view.

    So that was an example of a "portrait" layout type of image. That was not good. Now let's see how a "landscape" layout image looks like. These are disastrous:

    * So here's an example of a horizontally aligned ("landscape") photo. Again in Wayfarer (and Intel) we can see that it's displayed correctly.

    * Here's the same image when clicked through the key. Like in our first example, the image's relative horizontal size is correct. But since the image's layout is "landscape", there's plenty of room to show it completely in this screen by expanding the frame vertically.

    • And here's how "landscape oriented" photos are shown when the image is clicked from the previous view. I'm pretty sure I don't even have to tell what's wrong here. The zoom is completely bonkers! A horizontally aligned ("landscape) photo should be scaled down to this view so that the relative horizontal size of the image corresponds to the horizontal size of the screen.

    I'll end this post with a few rules for image downscaling, but I'd be happy to provide more examples if these weren't clear enough.

    • How would the developer know that the image's orientation is landscape? - the relative horizontal size of the image is larger than it's vertical size.
    • How would the developer know that the image's orientation is portrait? - the relative vertical size of the image is larger than it's horizontal size.
    • A landscape-oriented ("length is bigger than height in pixels") image should be scaled down so that the relative horizontal resolution of the scaled image equals to the horizontal resolution of the screen/viewport.
    • A portrait-oriented ("height is bigger than length in pixels") image should be scaled down so that the relative horizontal resolution of the scaled image equals to the horizontal resolution of the screen/viewport, UNLESS the relative height of the image - considering it's proportions versus the size of the screen/viewport - is taller than the relative size of the screen/viewport. In that case the image should be scaled down so that the relative height of the scaled down image corresponds the height of the screen/viewport.
    • Never crop when viewing the full image. It can be scaled down so that it fits the screen.

  • In my device not showing scanning portal

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I recommend everyone that is not seeing the Scan option available to install Google streetview app and try to take a Photosphere. If you can't, that lack of device compatibility.

  • edited March 2020

    @InvictusArya @Offlean was the previous version (2.41) allowing you to get passed the Niantic logo? Can you share what device and Android version (ex. Android 6.0.1) you're running?

    @creelbm thanks for your follow up, we're investigating further.

  • @NianticBrian

    The previous version was not allowing me past the Niantic screen.

    I have an LG X Power running Android 6.0.1.

  • Unfortunately, I don't recall the previous version number exactly; I think it was 2.39 (I don't update automatically). Problems definitely started with 2.43. At first (2.43.1) I could get past the Niantic logo once after a fresh install or data-wipe; with the latest version not even that.

    I have a Cat S30, it runs Android 5.1 (kernel 3.10.49, android security patchlevel 2017-10-01, so yeah it's pretty old). Still, worked fine so far.

  • @Offlean I don't think we released the 2.43.1 version publicly (we're currently on 2.43.3). Did the problem start on Tues this week, or did you see this problem before Tues?

  • Yes, the "no-login-at-all" problem started Tuesday, after I upgraded to the latest version. The "single-play-after-install" was when I upgraded about 2 weeks ago. Hope this helps with pinpointing the problem. Too bad we can't easily downgrade to an earlier version...

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
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    Within my short time on ingress prime I did eventually figure out by watching quite a few YouTube videos of people explaining the classic OPR System and a few mentioned Google Street view for submissions,it also took a while to figure out how to use it but I agree it's a handy tool...BUT the one thing that bugs me with it is the black squares that appear when processing the final sphere that spoil it even though the sphere was created fine...on some occasions they come out bad and rare occasions they come out good.

    It was the OPR System (pre-wayfarer) that intrigued me so I was aiming at being a part of it for my local/adjacent towns that I could explore to help out people that may have submitted points as this for me was the ultimate goal before going onwards to lvl 16 & recursing alas I got stuck at Lvl 8 (lvl 9 but no valid badges) when my issues happened.

    But I do agree with @Hydraulinski on having Google Street view in your app utility belt 😁😁😁

  • Well now that you have brought this point up on version numbers between internal versions and public versions @NianticBrian it makes me think that your dev teams at @NianticOfficial should activate the beta service at least via the Google Play Store minimum and also the similar system that works for our Apple IOS Friends. Where these non public releases (bug fix tests) can be sent out to affected players starting with those on Android 5/6 & IOS 11+ Under this service and if the feedback comes back positive then it's a step in the right direction before forcing everyone over onto the latest bug ridden public release that shuts most people down and creates the complaints everywhere...I saw "scanner redacted" had a beta service just before that was shut down and joined it before it was removed so why not have the same for INGRESS Prime...there's enough dedicated players on the community that would jump at the chance to help you test fixes before the full public release(s) go out.

    This could also work for other Niantic Games going forward.

  • @PhantomR1982 the beta channel is in-use but limited to vanguards right now. I agree that increasing the beta testing pool would help, and I'll investigate different options. One thing I've seen some apps do is make early access or beta channels an option available to pro members or subscribers, for example.

  • @InvictusArya @Offlean @creelbm a couple more questions to help me investigate further: can you let me know if toggling the Location permission off then on makes any difference? And also if you're on a mobile connection or on Wi-Fi?

    1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.
    2. Tap Apps & notifications.
    3. Tap Ingress.
    4. Tap Permissions.
  • @NianticBrian I'm guessing you have a separate beta program out there somewhere as I don't see the Google Play Store version enabled anywhere (or full) on the play store like I did under the scanner redacted entry (and joined) ..I understand your logic with regards to only having Vanguard's in the beta test program as these are your loyal bodyguards 😁😁😁 however these seem to be dropping like flies recently so looking into adding specific restricted users & loyal community driven players to the beta program that have serious issues that need dealing with could be a future option.

    Pro members or subscribers access are an option also for early access but this needs to be chosen very carefully,I've always said to another small game team I have contributed to in LA since 2017 that if you request the odd character/coins/shards purchase through the game before or after some premium support that I can see has solved my issue and has helped others use the game better I'd gladly do that as a thank you...I've actually helped that team shape there game so much from what it was in the beginning to what it is now and had quite a lot of my ideas/features implemented and still do that the community users for that game believe that I'm part of the developers hiding in plain user even called me out as "the unpaid company intern" on a live stream which made the real developers laugh and they thank me all the time now so yeah there are options to explore.

    And no that wasn't a hint that I wanna join or I'll throw my dummy out of the pram until I get my own way. 😁😆😂

  • @NianticBrian toggling location did not change anything. I'm always on mobile connection. Wi-Fi is turned off on my phone (no access at home or work)

  • Just got another update 2.43.4

  • Just a heads up that we're updating to 2.43.4 to temporarily disable the Sign in with Apple feature, and the Settings menu currently has a placeholder space above the options to link a Facebook or a Google account.

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    What's that I hear in this's a rumbling...nope it's a stampede of angry Apple iOS users on the way to the forum when they realise what you've done with this update. 😁😆😅🤣😂

  • Hi Brian,

    Android 5.1 doesn't have per-app permissions, and normally I start on WiFi since I update at home.

    2.43.3: So I disabled GPS and WiFi, did a data-wipe and started Ingress. I get the "Temporary changes to the Portal Network..." message as always, tap Ok and then the balloon appears, and hangs there. Then I enabled GPS again, and lo and behold, Ingress goes to the login page. So I logged in, went outside, did a few hacks and then switched apps a few times until Ingress needed a restart. Unfortunately Ingress then hanged again at the balloon. I did a few more tests and the prerequisites for a login screen seems to be no data and a current or very recent GPS lock, but that's no guarantee. Didn't test with WiFi.

    I also noticed that if GPS is disabled, Ingress crashes at the smallest provocations, e.g. pressing the menu button or swiping down from the top to see the notification bar.

    Note: in case you're wondering what I mean with "data-wipe", it's the button "Clear data" below.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe i will ask a silly question but: what is the reason to roll out update with no changes for Android? There's absolutely no diffirence for user - with 2.43.3,the same AP bug,the same Android 5/6 startup issue(luckily 2.40.1 still active for those who use Android 5/6).

    Well,the main change is Apple login,but it's not used in Android at all.

  • Probably because it's an all in one app with apple code and Android code all wrapped up together and not individual o/s based versions for Android and one for IOS based devices,Some development teams do have separate versions per o/s but this requires multiple teams working on it.

  • @NianticBrian I got the update for 2.43.4. I uninstalled current version to install new version. Game opened the first try. Have not been able to reopen since even after clear cache, clear data, uninstall, reinstall.

  • Inventory is still broken...

    ETA for fix?

  • ItsutsumeItsutsume ✭✭✭

    Does anyone remember if in Redacted, in COMMs, you could see who destroyed what portal?

  • 2,43.4 does unfortunately not bring any improvements. I have not been able to log in at all. Maybe just revert the login system to its old state?

  • In good news @NianticBrian I was able to upload a portal scan today after the update. :)

  • ItsutsumeItsutsume ✭✭✭


    1. Sorting by name still doesn't work. Only works once after the game is started and you go to keys. Exit keys, or move around, or hack something, and sorting by name will not work anymore until the game is restarted.

    2. Sorting by distance also doesn't work properly. It seems that the key it uses for reference needs to be at the top and off screen. (I think we need a carousel so that the game knows which portal is selected, which should fix both issues. Why did they remove the carousel just for keys?)

    3. "XM reserves critical, XM drained, scanner offline, resonators recharged, XM acquired, XM reserves online, scanner online, good work" when boost charging.

    4. Can't scroll in COMMs as after a few seconds it takes you back to the bottom.

    5. When charging portals, sometimes they are not shown on the screen.

    6. Magnetic arrow on devices without compass doesn't point North. Instead, the avatar is rotated when map is rotated. Need to leave avatar pointing up and the arrow should rotate with map, like it was in Redacted.

    7. When viewing remote portals, sometimes get notifications that links/fields were created or destroyed or get portal attack sounds and animations even if it was hours ago and no one is currently in that area.

    8. When recharging portals, sometimes when there's less than 1000 XM left to full charge, regular charge will take way less than 1000 XM, maybe about 500-600 XM, even though the portal is within a few miles and regular charges before that were taking about 1000 XM as they should.

    9. When picking up items, Acquire button is not grayed out if the item is out of range like it was Redacted. It's quite annoying to press it only to find out you're out of range and then have to find the item you want to pick up again when it's next to some portals.

    10. While viewing agents' stats, can't scroll if I press on mission badges. I have to press on something else in order to scroll.

    11. When pressing on a portal that's close to another portal or portals, the portal selection menu appears for a moment and then disappears. Pressing on that portal the second time shows the selection menu, and this time it stays.

    12. When taking items out of or putting items into capsules (regular or quantum) it shows incorrect item count. For example, if I have 2000 items and want to take 2 items out of a capsule, it would show 2002/2000. If I want to put 2 items into a capsule, it would show 1998/2000. Once transfer is completed, it would show 2000/2000 again.


    1. No portal hopping like in Redacted. We could look at a portal from alerts or actions, then press on a portal nearby, and if we had a key to it, we could "hop" to it, and continue hopping as long as we had keys to nearby portals.

    2. Is it possible to get rid of "It has been XX hours since your last login. I was getting worried about you"? Sounds like overly attached girlfriend. No, we don't need to change that to Jarvis voice, it will be even creepier. "It has been XX hours since you last login" by itself is OK, but I never understood the point of it.

    3. Can’t see own actions in COMMs. We were able to see our actions in COMMs in Redacted.

    4. Need some indicator, like red circle in Redacted, to know where North is, especially considering that portal view randomly rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise.

    5. According to Intel Map, neutral portals are level 0. In Prime, neutral portals are shown as level 1 when looking at keys. Is it possible to make them be shown as level 0?

    6. Considering that sometimes it takes several seconds to load portal data when looking at keys, is it possible to NOT show portal level at all until data gets loaded? Currently it would show level 1, then whatever level it actually is after data gets loaded.

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