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as per the news below..... time to get started (mine in next post )



  • InDaHausSBUInDaHausSBU ✭✭✭

    Why? After 4 years trying the onyx I kept this portal for more than a year 😁

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    #myfavePortal - this is in Dexter, Kansas. We used to stop here every summer with my grandparents in the way to our vacation at the lake in OK. Brings back such good memories - can’t wait to take my own grand child there! (IGN ClutterCutter)

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    Great idea ! Here's #MyFavePortal (IGN ankalou) :)

    In summer 2018 I traveled to the Marseille anomaly by bicycle, starting from Paris. Me and my bicycle and the many players that shared a meal or even their house with me along the way... The essence of Ingress for me, moving and meeting people.

    This portal is near the house of a very welcoming player where I spent the last night of the trip 💚

  • 0Eric00Eric0 ✭✭

    My favorite, held millions of mu, removed due to false claims of rabid bats endangering pogo kids, it's back, still without any reasonable data in the area.

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    Why? Why, a portal Not located in my hometown? Why not one of the portals I need every day?

    it‘s the Portal I first thought about from my first anomaly. It’s the day I started playing Ingress for real. It was in October of 2019 in Dresden it was „Umbra“ and at this day I saw Ingress is not only the Game I play at home and mostly as a lone wolf. Ingress first of all is a community. and not the hate i learned in Freiburg my hometown.

    i learned the 2 factions are rivals for a few hours but not for life.

    on sunday it was my first OPR with my team of ADA frogs, we doing the last place but it was the first time I could do xFac without getting hated cause it’s only wintrading. First time I could sit together after a day of ingress with members of the whole game and not only with frogs to speak about the hated smurfs.

    and this portal was the starting point for me to say to myself, we have to start First saturdays and we have to start a mission day in my hometown cause this is more than a game, it’s a family



    ingame: freiburger

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    This is my fav. It's located at the main square of Real Del Padre - Mendoza, a small village where my family comes from. I submitted it and it is a memorial stone to conmemorate the Japanese immigration to the south of Mendoza Province - Argentina. Being my great grand father one of the first immigrants to get there, it holds special significance to me.

    IGN: Japo975



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    I think #myfavePortal would have to be something I came across on a whitewater rafting trip down the Delaware River with my old Boy Scout troop back in June 2019. When we do this trip every couple years, we stop in Narrowsburg for lunch and to go swimming under the bridge (it's the deepest spot of the river at over 100 feet deep). When we visited this time, they had this retired canoe converted into a flower planter with a beautifully painted bird on top right outside the campground office. I knew immediately that I should submit it as a portal as long as it had a permanent home there, and that canoe was way too heavy to be going anywhere anytime soon without breaking the canoe. Even after over 250 approved portal submissions, this is one of the few that I always remember. Now that it's been approved, I've really wanted to go back and visit it.

    IGN: ScantLeopard336

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    Pacific City Doryman's wall is my #myfavoriteportal has a lot of history to me and my family all of the boats that we have own are on this wall including my grandfather's name who perished at sea I visit this portal everyday even before I started this game. #myfaveportal. Agent: Fishermansfear

  • KroaXKroaX ✭✭
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    C'est un ami très cher qui m'a fait découvrir le jeu.

    J'ai marché, en prenant mon temps pour découvrir Ingress sur mon regretté petit S2.

    les joueurs bas niveaux pouvaient up des portails :)

    Tout en haut du vieux Penne d'Agenais, une belle promenade à faire.

    Sur le chemin on peut voir un souffleur de verre travailler, manger de bonnes glaces et voir de belles expositions.

    Oui je suis nostalgique... un peu. ")




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  • Some day I'll get back there. When you graduate high school in The Bahamas, you go back for your reunion. In 2014 we did a day at Blue Lagoon, where I gazed upon this remarkable tower at the mouth of the lagoon. On the way out I took this **** and submitted the candidate for the Seer point.




  • St. Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. For a long time this was my furthest portal key from home. It reminds me of an epic trip my family took in a special year for all of us.

    @ Mulligan



  • #MyFavePortal My favorite portal was one of my first portals. It has brought so many good memories and views and every time I capture it, the mountain view still brings a smile to my face. I even put together a small 2 line mission mosaic for it.

  • #myfavePortal 2019 Mission Day At Sea at our stop in Grand Cayman. Will always bring back memories of the fun I had on that trip with fellow Ingress agents #MDAS

  • Flew to an island with two other agents to throw a 3290km link as part of an op... Was good fun.




  • For a long time this portal was very very green. It was an anchor for a multi layered field over the town of Livingston. One day when everyone else was off at First Saturday, I realised I could get the bus over and take it down for decent chunk of AP.

    As a result of that takedown, my fellow resistance agents began visiting this portal on a regular basis, and Livingston became a battleground. But I also struck up a friendship with the enl agent who was doing their best to keep them up. She made them bigger and bigger, even changing anchors sometimes, but Dobbies was the place to be.

    Today the situation has changed somewhat, since that enl agent is now res, and the fields no longer exist. But Dobbies will always have a special place in my heart for bringing me a lot of AP, much busgressing, and a new friendship.

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    The reason is simple. I kept this Portal for 967 days (until one day I forgot to recharge it).

    @ITSABIGMISTAKE #myfavportal

  • Simple, makes me homesick

    @ 0ceanmotion


  • BearIIIBearIII ✭✭

    Great art up a cliff face that brings back fond memories of an ASAP boat trip with friends to set a rail to score multiple shards.



  • iFrankmansiFrankmans ✭✭✭

    #myfavePortal (iFrankmans) - This portal is special to me since I helped many people receive their onyx illuminator, while using this portal as an anchor. As you can imagine this portal is not easily reachable, so people had to walk up a hill (mountain for Dutch standards) to reach this portal. A funny anecdote is the fact that I didn't not go up this 'mountain' myself until half a year ago when I was aiming for my double onyx medal, in which this portal played a very big role.

  • mobangmobang ✭✭

    One of the many features at the Rubel Castle. I was introduced to the Castle, and Mike, shortly after high school, and again about twenty years later. What an amazing, astounding place! IIRC, one of our good Ingress buds was the agent who submitted the Tower as a portal.



  • Damogran72Damogran72 ✭✭✭

    #myfavePortal is the Church of Holy Cross in Kuusamo, Finland

    I was married with my wife there over two decades ago, and it still stays as our regular visit point almost every year, even though we live 800 kilometers away nows.

    greetings from Finland, Damogran72

  • trottkopfhirntrottkopfhirn ✭✭
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    #myfavePortal is probably a conciliation cross (Sühnekreuz in German) from 1671 I discovered. It was erected for expiation of a murder committed in 1671 on a lansquenet who was quartered in the area and who had a relationship with a local girl. And, according to lore, he met her in 1671 at this place where the jealous fiancé of the girl then stabbed him to ****. Thought it was an interesting story behind the portal.

    codename: trottkopfhirn

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  • #myfavePortal is Just a littel wooden statue i found in the midle of the Algarve's Serra do Caldeirão with an amazing view over the sea

    Greetings from Portugal, tugamisfit

  • This one, I must have past this one a million times. Day, night, early mornings, during OPs and included it in fieldarts.

    Especialy with the poems closeby its a place I go often still.



  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭

    This is #myfaveportal because it was my first location edit. After many hours of staring at maps I realised that if I moved it a few metres from 'pretty close to the right place' to 'spot on', it would allow another portal which is in range of my desk to appear in that other game we don't talk about here.

    Agent name: Rostwold

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