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Ingress 2.43.4 Release Notes

You should soon receive an update to version 2.43.4 of the Ingress app, which includes the following changes:

  • UI: Currently selected avatar is visible on Agent profile
  • UI: Copying Agent stats to clipboard uses a share intent. Tap the Share button on the Agent profile to bring up the Android or iOS Share activity view
  • UI: Show Mind Units (MU) gained from Field creation
  • UI: Added an NIA filter for nearby Mission Day missions
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash on startup on iOS 11
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash on Android 5 and 6
  • Bugfix: Reduced the map screen rotation when zooming in to a Portal to enter the Portal details screen
  • Bugfix: Fixed media thumbnails on media Manage screen
  • Bugfix: Fixed email settings checkboxes on the Settings menu
  • Bugfix: Fixed the Claim a Portal objective during Ingress Agent Tutorial

Additional notes or known issues in this release:

  • Portal Scanning has rolled out to Level 16 and recursed Agents globally
  • Sign in with Apple has been temporarily disabled, and the Settings menu has a placeholder space above the options to link a Facebook or a Google account
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