LvL 1 to LvL 8 in 10 seconds

Operation: Homefields

Agent: RoLLeOwnZ

Calls himself as Xfac or Red Faction Agent. Everytime he hits lvl 16 he will recurse and change faction. Why you ask? because he can


What is Operation Homefields?

The plan was simple. Try to hit lvl 8 faster than anyone before. Most of the Agents who try to beat the fastest time to lvl 8 use the build and flip technique. Operation Homefields reverses this idea:

Destroy as many fields as possible with 1 portal.


The plan was to place 1.500 fields on 1 portal. Now the search started for all those portals to link.

In the middle of the planning phase Niantic announced the Didact Field Challenge but most important 2x AP for destroying fields and links. This Challenge makes the whole Operation way easier than before.

Instead of 1.500 fields only ~750 fields where needed to hit lvl 8.



Agent RoLLeOwnZ is at 35.000.000 AP

2 Goals must be reached before starting the Operation:

  1. Farm Keys of the anchor(about 400)
  2. hit at least 37.000.000 AP (normaly an easy goal but only with linking, basically no active players in my region)

The next week was full of key farming and a trip to vienna to make 2.000.000 AP without blocking my own playfield)


Goals reached: enough AP and enough keys. Now its time for flipping the portal and destroy it to place lvl 1 resonators. I also gave Agent Cyberwald 60 keys for emergency purposes.

Operation: Homefields


9:00 am: 1 hour bus and traintrip to the island "Lindau"

10:00 am - 13:30 am: link and field the portals to the anchor.

Links: 422

Fields: 415

AP: 1.100.000

Links/fields to Anchor: 144 / 279

Waiting for the night. This gets often cleared in the evening.


Luckily the field still is up.

8:00 am: bustrip to Dornbirn

8:30 am - 11:00 am: link and field the portals to the anchor

Links: 272

Fields: 260

AP: 700.000

links/fields to anchor: 228 / 439

11:30 am: train to Bregenz

11:45 am - 14:30 pm: link and field the portals to the anchor

Links: 348

Fields: 330

AP: 900.000

links/fields to anchor: 350 / 673

14:30 pm: nearly done and already hit the didact challenge goal:

Cyberwald called me and asked if he can make 100 fields for the bronze badge and i agreed.

There was only one problem. Still 300.000 AP are missing to hit lvl 16 and start recurse timer.

14:45 pm: train to Hohenems

15:10 pm - 16:14 pm: leveling to lvl 16 and start recurse timer

16:30 pm: train and bus home.

18:00pm - 20:00 pm: Cyberwald starts linking and fielding

links/fields to anchor: 395 / 755

20:05 pm: waiting at the portal like a kid on christmas.

20:15 pm: now its finally time to recurse.

Change faction and start bursting the portal down.


here is a clip:

Thanks for reading.

english is not my first language so please keep the spelling mistakes for yourself.

Honorable mentions:

@blazethesinner for clearing dornbirn

@Cyberwald for linking the last fields


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