Did you like the community

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Did you like the new community here?


  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    It is too early to give a decision for anyone regarding this. I would say this question is better to ask in 3 to 4 months from now when it's actually developed a bit more.

  • agree With @msz21

    I like the Concept so far.

    But there needs to be done some updates and modification before I would sat that i "like it".

    plus in more time, the more agents Will join and the debate will grow even more, i hope.

  • MajeyeMajeye ✭✭✭

    First, I'm not sure why folks are flagging the OP, it isn't offensive by any means. He asked a question to the community about the community. Agreed that it is a yes or no question, so it would be up to you to provide more insight should you choose to answer the question.

    Having that said, I feel the new community forums here are great.

    But why?

    Because it is completely separate from the stigma that is known as "reddit", which means Niantic can set their own rules and guidelines for these community forums away from the prying eyes at Reddit. They can be as strict or as lenient as they choose to be.

    I feel this is a fantastic way for cross-faction communications to take place under watchful eyes at Niantic to gather information about their game and services. Many people have differing opinions regarding Niantic and the direction they should go with Ingress, so to gather this intel is vital in ensuring continued success of Ingress. (Many other game companies do this as well) I wouldn't be surprised if, eventually, they do this for their other games as well, or somehow integrate their games into separate forums here within the community.

    This is also a great way to figure out who the positive and negative beacons are within the Ingress community. Are you constantly posting negative things in regards to other agents or the game itself? This might be cause for concern to Niantic, especially when it's just a game, and it relies on the community to stay positive when dealing with other people.

    Just my simple thoughts on the matter.

  • I look forward to seeing more sitreps. Awesome things everyone does everywhere. Just like what i read from Google+ in the past!

  • @Majeye I'd just repost what you wrote in boldtype, but I won't.

    Rather, I'll do an honest response to the OP. Judging from the "community" reaction to Ingress Prime I'd suggest Niantic make the game a 50 Cent download so none of these spoiled brats play it anymore. Like them? No.

  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭

    I'd like to have a "social stream" such as Google+ had it, as well as an app for mobile consumers.

    Also even "new" agents (new as in they just joined the forum) should be able to post their sitreps including pictures and so on.

    Until that is added, this is just yet another forum.

  • gagamickgagamick ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    The last time I am very much in this forum and always find something new that interests me. However, I stumble very often upon posts asking "from when can I do this" or "why can't this be done."

    In other forums it has a permanent link to a "how this forum works" that would surely have spared some posts here.

    It's also not for everyone to come out on devil, make comments to come on enough insightfull and likes, to post a sitrep that contains images and links.

    Now I have three sitrep here in different variants, and I don't even know how to delete the two where I wasn't allowed to do something.

    Who is allowed to delete posts?

    @RedSoloCup I think here you should do something for the users, a link to a "HowTo" would be very helpful

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    I quite like this. I didn't use Reddit much, and G+ was weird. I think the "forum" concept seems dated to many people, but it's a good way to organise discussions.

    My only complaints are that there need to be more categories, especially for Missions, and more tags (or a way to create your own).

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