TESSERA Round 8 - Preview

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The Tethered Hand mentioned for Round 8, we will be seeing more clues similar to the ones we had in the beginning. Apart from that, there will also once again be some new rules:

  1. Each targeted Tessera will be assigned a base Prediction Window. Only the Discoverers that retrieved the Tessera within the Window will get a chance to make placement predictions. It does NOT require both factions to be within the window this time.
  2. Each globally dropped Tessera will be linked to a targeted Tessera. Every 100 screenshots of the Tessera posted in the appropriate thread will add 30 minutes to the Prediction Window of the linked targeted Tessera. The thread will be closed, and the global Tessera will cease to be available in the wild, at designated times..
  3. Example: Global Tessera Perpetua's Departure is linked with targeted Tessera Dreamer. Base Prediction Window 1.5hr. The global Tessera drops at 17:00 UTC of Mar. 10th. The Tethered Hand gives us 8hrs to post as many of our retrieval in the forum thread within that time. By Mar 11th 01:00 UTC, both factions has gathered 345 posts in the thread. The Prediction Window for Tessera Dreamer now extends to a total of 3hrs.

I have also received news on the outcomes of "winning" the Tessellation. This will be addressed in a separate post.



The Tethered Hand has finally given me an update after a long silence. The requirements for the Global Drops and Prediction Window will be removed or postponed for a safer time. While you are en route to retrieve them, remember to keep your social distances as well as keep it to a solo operation. 

As for Live Drops, apparently, TH already had a different scheme in plan even before the pandemic. To avoid gatherings of 10 and up, the physical Tesserae will now more likely be delivered through Dead Drops instead. They were scheduled to descend during the next Hexathlon, but now we do not know yet of the new timing. 

For targeted Tesserae, your process for finding the target portal will be similar, but the method for retrieval will now be achieved through passcode redemption. A clue will still be posted on the forum, and the name of target portal (all lowercase, no space, no special characters) shown on the intel map will be the passcode to figure out. If in case the portal name is written in none Latin alphabet, there will be special instructions contained within the clue or the post.

With the NIA's most recent announcement, the outcomes for the Tessellation are in flux.

This is what I have for now. Staying safe and healthy is above all else, and who's to say Nemesis isn't fighting the same attack as we are right now.


In light of the increasing areas in quarantine, the Tethered Hand will be releasing the Global drops through passcode redemption as well. The passcodes won't be encrypted, but may not always be given directly in a forum post. Due to this adjustment, the Requirements of Placement Prediction is revived. The amount of time given to gather screenshot posts will also be shortened.

Example: Global Tessera Perpetua's Departure, is linked with targeted Tessera Dreamer. Base Prediction Window 1 hr.

  • The passcode of the global Tessera is posted at 17:00 UTC of Mar. 17th.
  • The Tethered Hand gives us 2hrs to post as many of our redemption screenshot in the forum thread.
  • The clue for the targeted Tessera is posted at 18:00 UTC.
  • By 19:00 UTC, The thread is closed. Both factions has gathered 345 posts in the thread.
  • The Prediction Window for Tessera Dreamer now extends to a total of 2.5hrs, which means we have until 20:30 UTC to find which portal name is used to deliver the target Tessera.

Good luck Tesserae hunting in remote.

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  • OthinnMxOOthinnMxO ✭✭✭

    Do we still have to post our name and faction in the global Tessera threads to boost the time limit, or will a screenshot suffice?

  • @OthinnMxO Putting down your faction is still required for the sake of Discoverer status. The NIA will verify according to your Agent name, but including your faction in the post helps both sides to visualize who claimed the discoveries. To further clarify, each Agent should post their own screenshot of the global Tessera they have in their inventory in this case.

  • SjarlotteSjarlotte ✭✭✭

    Last round, for different reasons, we needed discoverers higher up the chain to predict for us. I'd say still post your faction, just to be sure (:

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    How about call an end to the tessra now - enlightened are leading right?

    Just give them the win already?

  • YutoRaionYutoRaion ✭✭✭

    Thanks for sharing new rules!

    But are screenshots of "Passcode confirmed" dialog on the Scanner or Intel Map valid?

    And is it possible to verify Discoverers correctly even if the redemption system gets over-accessed ("passcode cannot be redeemed")?

  • @YutoRaion Only screenshots of the Tessera in your scanner count. Thank you for bringing up the possibility of the passcode engine being over-accessed. Should that occur, we will temporarily cease the accumulation of screenshots as well as the countdown time until the it starts running again. The length of the Prediction Window will also temporarily cease to extend, too, so manage your redemption wisely. We may come across other unexpected issues. The Tethered Hand, hopefully will be understanding, and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Res

  • PabeyPabey ✭✭


    After 3 hours of server failures it accepted this password.


  • In the other thread, the first message reads "To accommodate the passcode server jam, the Tethered Hand has given us till 20:30 UTC to gather screenshots", but the thread was closed at 19:40. I'll post a screenshot in this thread, in the event you're actually still accepting them.


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  • MaxflowO2MaxflowO2 ✭✭✭

    @Truthseeker not one of these code has worked period. Seriously, I’m 5 seconds from quarantine and would love something better to do than stare at a wall with nothing to do...



    PS... I’ve already given up on sojourner, seriously would like to do something productive in lockdown for the next 14 days.

  • @MaxflowO2 I am aware of the issues with passcode redemption. The Tethered Hand will be negotiating with the NIA, but we may have to stick to the current method until they come up with something better.

  • May I suggest to increase the number of each passcode claim? Most of the passcode are fully redeem very fast now. Seems the participation number has increased. Many thanks.

  • Do we have any thoughts on how many tess are going to be part of round 8? With the round 9 preview coming, it is a little confusing to tell if we should be alert for the prediction phase to start for round 8, or if we are still in tess gathering mode.

  • @feistyzag There will be an announcement about the verification time and at least a 24-hour buffer before the actual verification as usual. My guess is 14.

  • I must be the most stupid agent, i just can't find the pdf passcodes side.. I live very rural so medals are hard to get - really want in on this one. Someone care to help me?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    @sorgenfri the passcode Global and Targeted (Decode) Tesserae are for the most recent rounds (9 and 10) and only for the global drops. To get the medal you also must be one of the first three people in your faction to post for a Tesserae drop, not just any time.

    If you would like more information, feel free to message me on Telegram under my agent name ArkFang.

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