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Title of the Portal: Free Library Pluutstraat

Location -

Intel link taken from old email from a name edit (used to be just free


City: Purmerend

Country: Netherlands


Additional information


Free Library located on the edge of public area. Is open 24/7. It exists and has pedestrian access.

It has been here for years and even before the public release of ingress. Placed in May 2013, it was one of the first public library in the Netherlands. ( movement started too in 2013)

A quick google shows the actual existence, besides the photo I took today to show it is still there today:


It can also be found at url: / /

White marker for the library on public area, blue dot as where pogo players usually stand with raids. Can put in contact if needed with the maker.



Suspected reason for removal:

Highly likely attempt of removal due being something in pokemon (gym).


suspicious removal this year since:

Which was reinstated.

Why i rule out ingress agents is because it's been here for years even since before i played ingress in the portal network and we have a pretty good xfac relation and we organize ingress events in our city together. None of them reported it and since Pokemon edits became a thing we are seeing this all over our city to create these new gyms so they can get another badge but these things hit us in 3 games including ingress, Wizards besides pogo. Edits in order to influence gyms in Pokemon is abuse and affects us in Ingress negatively.



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    To me it was a really tricky one but looks public to me. It's pretty much at the sidewalk.

    Edit: the one with the girl because that one is on the newer streetview.

    I believe here's that thin line of it being oke.

    Which is not ok is old portals removed due pokemon gyms.

    @NianticCasey where can we report such behaviour (got told to tag you through the ingress discussion telegram)

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  • I have played in the area a lot and when hacking keys of the portal for long hours I met the "owner" of the free library. Originally it started off with 25 books and was located closer in the garden. Her dad build it for the owner of the home who at the time didn't live in the area for long. She told me it had rough first year with books going missing and not being replaced or returned, but one day it was full of other books she never put in there. She posted about on the city Facebook page and learned a lady from across the street added the books. They got chatting and soon after she started to get to know a lot more people around the area. Nowadays they have book gatherings as well we're locals come to drink tea and talk about the books they took / placed in the library. This was before they renewed the little library with some paint, replaced panels and putting it just outside her garden. When I met the owner during key farming she had no clue what ingress was but found it hilarious it made it into a game.

    I was not able to farm all the required keys that day but it was a interesting day to meet the person behind the library. For me this portal holds some good memories more then anything. For the owner it's been a nice way to meet tons of locals. Some of who also started a free library, but not as succesfull as this one.

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    It's placed as close to the sidewalk as possible without it hindering pedestrians (like elderly people with a walker or mobility scooter), it's faced to the sidewalk so it's obviously meant for usage by anyone who walks by and it's easily accessible to pedestrians as seen on the photo.

    That and the history and stories this free library holds makes it a good portal in my opinion.

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    I am playing Ingress since 2013. Free Library is indeed one of the early portals in Purmerend. It would be bad that a portal is removed that motivates people to meet and go out, only because it might be reported to have a sort of advantage in PoGo.

    This is not a new portal submission of a free library that is just build and not proven it's permanent stay. It's definitely a spot recognized by locals.



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    It is inside the yard of one of the townhouses/condos. Even if that particular unit is vacant (based on the overgrown lawn seen in Street View), it is still a single-family residence and therefore invalid.

  • That's the old streetview check new one by getting closer no overgrown lawn there

  • Streetview shows the old situation. The library looks slightly different now and is no longer in the garden itself. Or to put it specific. The pole is on the property line and the library itself hangs over public street. The house is not vacant, it is indeed a single family residence, but the library hangs over public property.

    The history of the free library. (It being the first in the city for sure, possibly one of the first of the country) and social impact (people getting to know neighbour book lovers in the local area) makes this an ideal candidate IMHO.

    It's not just another free library, it's the first of the city and been there for a long time now. It has high social value for locals.

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    If it is attached to the property, it is still invalid. No ifs, no ands, no buts.

  • Do you expect it to be placed in the middle of the sidewalk then, blocking all people with walkers, mobility scooters and wheelchairs?

    A sidewalk is also attached to property grounds if it's in front of a house.

    Placing it on the property line, on the edge of the sidewalk is something else than placing it in the garden itself.

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    Any waypoint that is on private residential property is invalid and will be removed when reported. Arguing that something on the edge of private residential property should be exempt will get you nowhere. Disagree with it all you want, but that is Niantic's policy and they won't be budging on it.

  • It's not on private ground it's on the public path. The whole reason it got reported is because it was something in pokemon go i can see it clearly and because people assume it would be on private ground it surely was easy to get removed. They should check their data on it really how long it has been there and plenty of people that could have reported it in all that time if on private property. For example purdee lives in the city and has been a veteran player there if invalid he would have reported it clearly.

  • I heard such statements before, ending with "I am a player sinds year one so I must be right".

    I appreciate your opinion, I have my own opinion. Let's agree to disagree and let NIA decide.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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