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Currently the whole process of Scan looks like I opened my standard camera app and recorded a portal on video. Then I have to wait for whole minute for my scan to be encoded.

As Prime as a whole consists of visual effects, it's surprising to not find anything during the Scan.

Please make this kind of labor look cool by adding some visual feedback of 3D model being constructed or at least recognized in realtime (there are many demos on realtime recognition on YouTube), and/or a way to view the result of recognition (like after taking Photo Sphere in Google Street View). There are plenty of ways to make it feel rewarding at least because of the visuals.


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    Did you get scanning points to the medal already or have to wait for them to review your submit?

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    it does look like u a recording.. not the most fun thing to do and doubt many want upload almost 100mb on their mobile networks while out and playing..

    I guess scanning 10 portals and then going home uploading with your wifi works? I agree that it doesnt look that interesting, just go around a portal object.. many portals will be hard to do this depending on size and actual location etc....

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    A similar app I tested last week with the same objective (creating 3d models) had little ball showing up on the object. I don't know how ingress do it, but the app required a full circle around the target to capture it right, and the files ended up being arround 100mb. But it provided a full texturized 3d object and was a one man job. Portal scaning is a multiplayer tool and have no texture, so maybe we can make smaller videos of 5 seconds, with just one side of the object, and all files combined can create a image.

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    I find the whole portal scanning experience to be quite underwhelming: Record video. Upload. Repeat ad infinitum.

    What would be neat(!!) is seeing our contribution to a portal’s 3-D point cloud visualization update in near real-time: Record video. <Magic.> View visualization before and after the recording, maybe with suggestions for which angles and views require more data, or with suggestions as to why the recording did or did not help significantly.

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    View visualization before and after the recording, maybe with suggestions for which angles and views require more data, or with suggestions as to why the recording did or did not help significantly.

    That would make me really excited. I agree that it currently looks underwhelming.

    Niantic, how about letting us see current portal 3D data from somewhere in portal menu? Ranging from "no data yet" to that black-and-white visualization that was in demo? This would also help us find portals with lack of such data to make the network more consistent.

  • I only just upgraded Ingress Prime and clicked on enable portal scanning so haven't had a chance to go try it out yet. How do we access portal scanning? Is it just for new nominations or for existing portals also?

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    i believe its for all portals, u go click on the photo where edit etc.. it should be there if enabled. but remember not all portals are good for scanning... u must be able go around the object so a big house or something is not so good try scanning..

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    u must be able go around the object

    No. The post just said that good candidates are those you can walk around. It doesn't mean that you must be able to walk around every candidate.

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    ok thx.. u are right i missed this good to know.

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    It's 2.47 and we still have no way to actually see the results of our submissions. When can we expect the addition of some kind of 3D model view? Portal Scanning is underwhelming without an ability to see the result.

  • It's going to take some time, but we recently acquired the team to help us accelerate here:

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    won't bring anything new

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    So, now we have this Scout Controller thingy. As said by clever people, it tries to exploit agent's personal rivalries. But most of agents in my area simply don't even bother to scan.

    You know why? Because in exchange for time and resources, scanning gives nothing to people who scan, except for badge.

    It doesn't look good. It doesn't result in some stunning visualisations. It isn't convenient because there's no fully background upload (instead I have to burn my screen's pixels while uploading on WiFi). It doesn't affect gameplay in any way. In fact it literally has no gameplay.

    It is only there at the current moment to consume agents' time and resources.

    I have done last 30 scans yesterday on a single portal to achieve shiny silver Scout. I scanned just one portal because I don't want to unlock the ridiculous badge called Scout Controller. I made scans half of full length, simply to spare my time. Now, I stop scanning until better times. Instead I will play the game.

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