Laundry list of client-side issues in 2.41.4

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In the interest of not spamming the forum with lots of little bug reports, I have compiled a list of issues with the Ingress client that I regularly encounter.

  • The activity log snaps back to the bottom periodically, making reading scrollback difficult.
  • Field MU counts are frequently cut off in the activity log.
  • Exiting a capsule while it is loading or unloading can cause unpredictable jumps in inventory position.
  • Attempting to glyph hack during a cooldown results in the screen rotating.
  • Hack output messages preempt hack cooldown messages.
  • Attempting to recharge at the same time one picks up XM results in an error message and no recharging. This makes recharging from a bicycle unreliable, as it requires button-mashing in the hopes of getting a tick that misses its GPS update. That boost-charging portals with mixed resonator levels does not always charge them all to full on the first try makes this behavior even more problematic.
  • Fitts's law applies to carousels that have momentum in the same way that it applies to desktop screen edges; the things at the ends of carousels are the most accessible. Yet the entries at the ends of the carousel are the least useful: media and links to the store.
  • While scrolling through portal keys of non-trivial length, keys often abruptly move positions. Combined with the delay in loading resonator charge levels, this makes it rather difficult to scroll through keys and be sure that one has seen all of them.
  • I cannot distinguish between neutral portals and unloaded portals in the key list. Note that this difference is distinguishable in the capsule management screen.
  • The hypercube XM tank is pink. Pink is not a bad color, but I think cyan fit with the theme better. That hypercubes are very rare shouldn't matter once I have used one, just like it doesn't matter what level a regular power cube I just used was.
  • Voice messages refer to hypercubes as "power cubes," making them more confusing than necessary.
  • I regularly get put in "out of XM" states while recharging, despite having positive amounts of charge.
  • Boost-charging often leaves the XM ring thing filled with large amounts of yellow and nothing, yellow or violet, resembling the actual amount of XM remaining. This usually persists until I leave the recharging screen or use a power cube, and the confusion occasionally leads to unnecessary uses of power cubes.
  • If I queue nine links out of a portal the first eight will succeed, the ninth will fail, and I will not be able to attempt the ninth link again -- even after I add an ultra link -- until I restart.
  • The hitbox for the glyphing screen's undo button is too small. I'm still working on getting more reliable with my glyphing, but in the mean time, the delay between the end of the final glyph and the time the hack is submitted is short enough that I often miss the button until it is too late.
  • The check mark that appears after completing a mission objective blocks new objectives from appearing until it goes away several seconds later. If I am doing a banner on a bicycle this delay can cause me to miss objectives as I move around. Upcoming objectives should appear immediately and not wait for the check mark to disappear. Missions in which order is irrelevant should show all objectives that are in the scanner's range, not just the closest two.
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    Wow, great list! To add some more:

    • After leaving the portal details screen, if you immediately try to long-press a portal to hack it, it tries to hack some distant portal (typically out of range) instead.
    • Long-press-hack-with-key will get you a key if you already have one, but the hack-with-key button attached to the big "hack" button won't.
    • The comment above about adding a 9th link also applies when you run out of XM or drift out of range in the time between pressing "link" and the link being attempted by the server. You will be unable to make that link until you restart.
    • Sorting keys by name (either in the key view or the capsule view) only alphabetizes some of the keys, leaving many keys randomly positioned. This only happens after I've been playing for a while; on a clean restart, it works.
    • When a direct message to you appears in the bottom right, if it is from far away then there is literally no way in-app to read the message. You tap on it and it shows you only nearby COMM messages and the maximum range there is 1000 km. The only way to read such messages is via the web browser Intel map.
    • If you turn off the screen or switch apps (hey Harry Potter), and walk a block or more, you'll be speed locked when you switch back to Ingress (this may be device-specific; I'm on Pixel 3). This was fixed for a while, but came back a week or two ago.
  • Thanks for the great list! Certainly when recharging portals, the combination of the carousel jumping, the XM gauge refilling inconsistently, and the lack of an indication on whether the portal resonators have loaded yet, make the experience disconcerting. I'll see if I can add to this later with some for my own list.

  • +1 to many of those, though you all take more care in recording than I do. I trust your reports.

    I find the difference between loading and neutral portals in recharging very confusing,and often miss recharging a portal due to this. I've also experienced the problem with inaccurate loading of xm while recharging.

    Thanks @ravarii

  • Also:

    If you switch applications immediately after a glyph hack (before the xm is shown after pressing 'done'), then when you switch back at the next portal there is (at best) a long delay before the glyphs are shown.

    If a link creates 2 fields the message only says 'field created' and the XM is only that for one of the fields.

    After a boost charge the screen can be 'broken' with plenty of XM left. Nothing can be recharged until XM is added.

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