Tessellation Forum Badges

Truthseekers, I heard that some of you have been waiting for new clues for the Tesserae. Sorry I don't have more to share at the moment, Tethered Hand has been quiet. I did notice 3 new badges appear to be available on the forum. Some Agents have already been awarded, too. Here are the 3 types I've seen so far:

1st Discoverer: You were verified as the 1st Discoverer for at least one Tessera.

Discoverer: You were verified as a Discoverer for at least one Tessera.

Tracker: You are an avid follower of breadcrumbs who uncovers connections between gaming and story. You have demonstrated your understanding of the Tessellation Directives through at least 2 the forum posts, and/or helps Agents new to the investigation.

Though these might not measure up to your efforts, but I deem it a nice gesture.

I'll be back as soon as I receive intel on new clues. Meanwhile, enjoy your non-Tessera hunting times!


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