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    Thank you for the helpful link here are some great details I read. Highlighted some key points.

    All 20 of Pennsylvania’s state forests, totaling 2.2 million acres, and 97 of the 121 state parks are open to hunting during established hunting seasons. 

    20 "State Forests" - NOT A PARK

    97 of 121 State parks (More Details Below)

    Many areas in our 121 state parks are open to hunting, offering a variety of game species and habitats. Hunting woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, is prohibited.

    Hunters should use extreme caution with f i r e a r m s at all times. Other visitors use the park during hunting seasons.

    F i r e a r m s and archery equipment used for hunting may be uncased and ready for use only in authorized hunting areas during hunting seasons.

    In areas not open to hunting or during non-hunting seasons, f i r e a r m s and archery equipment shall be kept in the owner's car, trailer, or leased campsite.

    The only exception is that law enforcement officers and individuals with a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry F i r e a r m s may carry said f i r e a r m concealed on their person while they are within the park.


    Please also note these arnt talking about their town and city parks that are for recreational use by most people. These are the state parks that are usually LARGE untouched areas of land generally with little besides trees and nature. These locations generally do not have large amounts of way points anyways as there isnt much to be marked and even the trail markers are rarely submitted as most people are not playing in these locations. These differ greatly from large national parks that offer many tourist attractions.

  • Yea. Some local town parks also have hunting grounds. It's how states manage wildlife populations.

  • State forests also have trail markers in some states.

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    So your safety concerns is a bigger issue than you are really thinking. Hence why it would be on niantic to clear the areas and zone them off as a dont enter area in games. To ensure safety.

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    You entirely ignored the full contents of my post and then made 4 posts containing no actual detail of where these town parks are with hunting. State Parks and Forest do have hunting in designated areas.

    While some state forests may have trail markers, in most situations these areas are not full of waypoints as they are seldom traveled and preserved pieces of nature.

    You are making this into some huge grand lets remove anything. My original point was a hunting ground shouldnt be approved as it could be an unsafe adult oriented location.

  • You are saying hunting grounds are not safe. Not me. I am pointing out this is a bigger issue than you are realizing as it effects way more area than you realize. Me not from the State of Pennsylvania would reject all parks as submissions because of potential risk of hunting grounds in the state I do not know anything about. I probably wouldn't accept anything outside of a major city in Pennsylvania, which isn't far to the state of Pennsylvania. Just based on what google says about hunting. If safety from hunter's is really an issue, than it needs to be defined and processed by Niantic. They are the ones you are worried about with liability. They would have to add warnings in game to alert players that hunting could be occuring nearby with specific area typing in game to warn players.

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    @AgentB0ss is saying hunting grounds are not safe, and that some national parks have designated hunting areas in them that are not the majority area of the Park.

    You are saying that the entirety of the area of a National Park should be treated as a hunting area, and that people should consider that hunting grounds should have Wayspots or else parks would be banned areas.

    However, as @AgentB0ss has stated and reiterated for you, the majority of the area of national parks are not hunting grounds. There is nothing at stake to lose in these areas unless you make a case that the entirety of the Park is to be treated as a hunting area. Something that neither I or @AgentB0ss are doing, but what you are doing right now in a misguided attempt to try and more Wayspots in what are unsafe areas of play.

    This thread has had been thrown wildly off topic because of this attempt.

  • Wildly off topic? We are discussing hunting grounds. It's on topic.

  • Parks are hunting grounds in some states.

  • We havent even discussed Indian reservations where hunting can occur as well.

    Public farms that have hunting allowed.

    Saying no to hunting grounds is saying a major chunk of the world is off limits.

  • Africa and Australia gotta be worried as they are major hunting areas of the world.

    South america has rain forest that hunters use.

    Alaska with polar bears.

    Where is safe?

    See how idiotic your stance is with hunting grounds are a no?

    Next youll be saying cities with crimes should be removed. More shots fired by crime than hunting.

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    See? Called it.

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    And the jailbars aren't anywhere near as much fun as you think.

  • They should of listened on page 1.

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    That's a very America-centric distinction/correction. Surely they have safaris (or the equivalent), even if only for tourists, in India and other Asian countries too?

  • Eh. We losing most of those countries too as they aren't safe from firearms, IEDs and rocket launchers.

  • I didn't even get to war zones. Wow good catch. Yep eliminate whole countries while we are at it because it's unsafe from firearms.

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    We have here described signs at a hunting ground without much context. If it's signs pertaining to the hunting grounds you might reject under adult oriented similar to the **** ranges that are specifically listed as ineligible.

    If the sign was something about local wildlife and it was by a parking area where safety was not an issue then I would accept it per this October 2019 clarification.

    If the candidate is well within the hunting area and you thought it was unsafe, then safe pedestrian access would be the appropriate rejection reason.

    Now for splitting hairs.

    If it's a state park that is only hunting grounds for a few weeks a year and there are signs in abundance warning the general public not to wander in picking berries certain times of year or if access requires a permit where you are expected to be educated on the particular safe access rules for the area then a candidate may be acceptable because not every Wayspot is guaranteed of absolute safety at all times. A potential snowstorm shouldn't invalidate a mountain top Wayspot.

    If the area is considered hunting grounds _only_ and no other public use is permitted (no trespassing signs might indicate this) then I would interpret the guidelines to be a combination rejection of **** ranges and safe pedestrian access.

    Every case of hunting grounds might be unique so use your best judgement based on the information provided in the submission, I would also make an attempt to verify the use and public access of the grounds from a government website as well.

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    Can somebody actually show an eligible candidate in a state park hunting ground? Because until that happens this conversation is pointless.

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    I know in my state, hunting in a state park is illegal, and if I'm not mistake, classified as a felony. So trying to compare the eligibility of a nomination inside a hunting club to a nomination inside a state park is ridiculous on its face.

    But then again, you also have to consider that you are arguing with the very same person who, using a different account, claimed that school grounds were the same as a park.

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    You're right until the last step of the review: location. Anything inside a School area is 1*.

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    Ok, so here are 3 approved portals at a hunting club that I do not feel are unsafe.

    I don't think it is necessary to add "unsafe" to the reject reasons as this is covered in 1* Pedestrian Access.

    I would reject the above portals under current guidelines (that I disagree with because hunting and **** can be family activities in the right context) as being an adult-oriented business.

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