13 Archetypes: Patron



  • Explorer is the obvious one.

    Dreamer is something many has suspected useful before, you use that on the whole passcode.

    (The thread that someone posted at the very beginning is very useful)

    The keyword consists of two equal length words. That's what makes me feels confident that I am on the right track.

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    I think I have keyword and 13ar.

    maybe prefix is not clear.

    is there number in prefix like other challenge?

    Edit: I got it. Omniscient was bad. haha.

    Thank you all !

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  • Is this used as 24 characters? Or Is this used as 6x4 characters?

    Some of the extra signs in the past are ambiguous for me and I am looking for them, but I need the right way to decode them. However, knowing that the decoding method is correct requires the extra sign of the correct past.

    This AEGIS shield is very hard for me.

    There was a post saying that the last four alphabets were known and before that it was uncertain, so I speculate that the decoding method is not Vigenere.

    I need help.

  • Ohhh wow I wish I didn’t get a late start on this one. The hints are helpful with the bits and I’m fairly certain that I have the twelve correct pairs. I don’t see how looking closely helps nor do I get the frequent flyer miles. Brute forcing has not be useful to get a 13ar or a THAR. Is there a cipher and key that has been used a few times before needed for this? Anything that I’m completely just not getting?

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    If you only have letters from previous challenges, you aren't looking close enough at the current challenge image.

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    So, I'm assuming from the hints, we are suppose to be able to find 2 letters per past puzzle. Letters, for various reasons, seemed to be extra or highlighted or something, correct?

    For instance, in Alchemist, near the beginning of the puzzle... there's a bit of overlapping... is that the piece we are suppose to get from that one? Right?

    So, I have my 12 set of 2 letters. I assume either all of this is a keyword to a cypher... or half of it is a keyword, and the other half is a cypher. Not sure, how I break down these into either keywords or cyphers. Any hints?

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    1. Yes. Highlighted, unused in that archetype, or just stand out from the others.
    2. No. Not in the beginning.
    3. The 24 letters form the key to decipher those you obtained from the challenge image. The method is used over and over again throughout the series. Look at the image closely for a hint to place the letters.

    Good luck!

  • While the concept of using additional information from other challenges sounds like a nice idea, I really disliked it. I had to redo almost all of them, just because I didn't keep my notes. While this can be considered my fault, my immediate reaction upon reading page 1/2 of this thread on monday simply was: I don't care. I solved it just now, but honestly, only because I wanted all 13 media.

    People who have not solved all previous ones might not even attempt this. This is not a stand alone challenge. It is part of the 12 challenges before - and even with the 12 solved challenges before, I had a really hard time getting started on this. Just because I dislike the concept so much.

    I appreciate all the work which has been done to create these challenges. However, I would not do something like patron again, just because it is excluding a lot of people who maybe would have liked to give it a try. To be blunt, this is not a new challenge in my oppinion. It is just an additonal media for people who have done the previous 12.

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    Well I liked it. Anyone who was fully engaged with this challenge over the last 13 weeks should have known to save two letters from each - not least because a massive spoiler was posted in this forum about half way through the 13. If you weren't fully engaged, then... oh well, you don't get the media - it's not the end of the world.

    In another corner of the Internet there's a little programming challenge called Advent of Code that takes place from December 1 to 25. Each day you solve a little (sometimes not so little) challenge, and get two stars. Usually the second star is a progression on the first one, and sometimes it requires a lot more analytical thinking. Except, that is, on day 25 when as a Christmas present the second star is free... but only if you have already collected the other 49 stars.

    Patron is like that, except that it wasn't free - you did still have to solve the challenge.

  • I thought the fact that the jig was up partway through was exciting. I only had to review my notes in order to find the letters, and the way the letters were revealed gave good clues.

    If you aren't keeping notes every time you decode, let this be a reason to start. I used roam research and it was useful to link together all the pieces. For instance, every time I use a particular method I tag it and can refer back to what that looked like.

  • Ingress should add a media locker so we could save media without taking space.

  • Finally solved it!

    Of course, I'm only giving this about two hours each day.

    So, I'm not sure... but I may have been on of the early birds (like half way through the past 12 solves) to mention that the extra letters and such might be for the final puzzle. I remember posting it somewhere along the way... though others may have said something earlier. Weirdly enough, I'm still probably one of the last people to finish this one.

    To @slomoz point, unlike previous solves, I was NOT excited at all to slodge through my notes and/or go back to past solves to get the nit-picky two letters here or there. I did have notes, but they didn't capture everything. Thanks to @NineBerry for the explains... and while he described in his cryptobin how to get Catalyst, I felt like had a colon-oscopy trying to get those two letters, and yet I still can't seem to get it to work. I was able to do it purely out of reverse engineering. Alchemist completely flameled me... when explained from the cryptobin, I saw how to get it.. but again, I got it purely out of reverse engineering.

    So, it took me FOREVER, to realize where the cypher itself is ( HATS off to the clues in the previous posts that I had to read over and over again to get it)... and then it took me a while to figure out the order of the "extra bits" ( I've never been so HIGH, and then been so LOW trying to figure that out)... and since some of my "extra bits" were not right... that took longer than usual to verify when I had the right stuff... the fact that we know the last 4 characters in the code, and that the longer keyword (while not all originally there since some of my bits were wrong), it was starting to show parts of itself through the encryption... and seeing some of the keyword (and the Patron picture as clue to the whole thing), it helped me to reverse engineer the rest. Luckily I did get the "extra bits" right for the parts that make up the prefix part of the passcode... not sure how I would have reverse-engineered those three sets of "extra bits"

    None the less! Its done! My Mondays are back! yay!!

    Though, definitely looking forward to doing this again in the future, if Ingress decides to do it again! Maybe now that I have been through the fire once, the next go won't be as frustrating.

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    So, I'm not sure... but I may have been on of the early birds (like half way through the past 12 solves) to mention that the extra letters and such might be for the final puzzle.

    Yes, that agrees with my recollection. It was this post:

    ...although it's possible that someone earlier said something about the pink boxes in the Skeptic.

  • I've been working off and on since Patron was revealed. I hadn't kept notes so ended up redoing most of the puzzles which was enjoyable again! Got to a point where something looked possible! Had to take a closer look at a few of the letters which then made complete sense! Decided to try what I had come up with and was surprised that it worked!

    I'll have to take a look at the cryptobin to see what I may have missed along the way. Nice getting to know some fellow puzzlers over the past few months. I'm sure I'll find out what I could have been doing with the spare time now that the puzzles are over! I will also be looking to see how I can incorporate some of the tools and methods for encoding into some other hobbies like geocaching.

  • If you liked these activities and want more to chew on in the same vein, try The Black Watchmen by Alice and Smith. Everything you learned here is used in that game.

  • Great Challenge anyway. Hope to see a new one in the future :)

  • I just wanted to publicly thank everyone who has been active here in the community, had time to share their thoughts and ideas !!! Especially @oscarc1 @GorillaSapiens @feistyzag @crystalwizard and @lupukapa who helped me out with hints when I was stuck haha.

    I hope there'll be more decoding challenges like this!

  • I'm Enlightened

  • RES

  • I only found the complete code. And finally got a cooldown


  • ENL

    thank you niantic for the challenges.

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