New badge tiers?

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I thought the introduction of recursion was a good alternative to adding new levels breathing new life into the game for those that had reached lvl16, the prestiging on badge tiers is a nice touch also but felt like there was probably room to add another badge tier at the same time to add some significance to the achievement as by the time you recursed you've probably already got multiple onyx/black on quite a few badges.

Interested to hear others thoughts on the introduction of one or more new badge tiers? What would they be?

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    I think that's a stupid idea. That's what I think.

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    About three years ago (maybe more) someone posted visual ideas for "diamond badges". They looked great and there was a lot of support for having higher tier badges at the time.

    Sure, it's hard enough for some of us to get onyx for a lot of the badges, but I fully expect to be playing Ingress in 10 years' time, so I'd like something more to be aiming for.

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    @XQlusioN nobody would be forced to go for the medals. People are aware that games change and expand over time. It is quite normal for a game that has been going on for as long as Ingress to add new tiers and new levels. A few will moan, but it's a bit silly to moan about being given more opportunities.

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    Just because there is a higher level doesn't mean you HAVE to achieve it.

    But I agree that for every building badge there should be an equivalent combat badge for destroying things. But if there are more badges available it might be necessary to revise the badge requirements for levels.

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    think of all the people still keeping sojo going. they would love a diamond badge.

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    People who are posting in support of the idea: click "Like" on the top post to show that!

  • d0gboyd0gboy ✭✭✭

    We sort of have those Recursion hash marks now as a tribute to the idea of over-exceeding at a given badge, though I know Achiever types really love more bling.

    My preference would be more types of badges (MU destroyer is quite popular as an idea), but I'd want to do it so it didn't get any easier to get to L16, which is now imho a bit too easy badge-wise.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Thats why the 2+ in recursed black medal are for. No need for more rank.

    There are some black medals that are almost impossible, you want it beyond?

    Good luck pioneering 500.000.

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    I agree some are ridiculously hard and for that matter some are ridiculously easy (eg. recharger), it's largely relative to how dense the portal population is where you play. It's far easier for an agent in a major city to level than for one In a regional area, and definitely an issue that needs addressing. I think that's more of an argument for the leveling mechanics to be reviewed rather than for there not to be a new tier.

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    Going from a more urban area to a more rural area. I couldn't agree with this more.

  • @Glenuendo if the badge counted retroactively, I would have black already :-)

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    Why does "ridiculously hard" mean there should be a limit? Not everyone can get every medal. Fine. But just because I can't get a medal, I'm not going to complain about it being available for other players.

    I expect to have all the onyx medals in 3-5 years (from now). I also expect to still be playing in 10+ years. Recursing has made it interesting, ability to get those wings on medals as well. But really, I'm looking for a bigger challenge than that for the game to have a bigger future.

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    @Pangarban Diamond Badges were an idea of mine from 2 years ago :)

    @Weyrleader I agree with you and I want to take the oportunity to put in this post a couple suggestion sent along with the Diamond Badge:


    ·Elite level agent: this level would work out as any other normal level increase in terms of XM capacity and recharge range; it would also allow players to play for Onyx badges in order to gather some to unlock this new level. Same as Diamond badges, AP requirement would be higher.

    For expample, to unlock Elite Agent level a L16 agent would require:

    - Minimum of 7 Onyx badges

    - 200KK AP

    This could add up with the Diamond badge suggestion too; perhaps 7 Onyx and 3 Diamonds?

    ·Upgrades for unlocking Onyx medals: it could be a game creator to grant permanent bonuses to agents who unlock Onyx badges. This is a list of suggestions for each badge.

    -Hacker:   Permanent 5% extra CDR on portal hack

    -Translator:  Extra 10% (total) bonus hack output for a successful glyph sequence

    -Explorer:   You have 1 extra portal submition tokens

    -Pioneer:   Portals you own get +5% (total) shielding (cap will still apply)

    -Liberator:   Extra 25 AP for every portal capture

    -Purifier:   Extra 5% (total) critical hit on all attacks

    -Builder:   You get extra L5 and L6 resonator slot (this will allow a single agent to build up a L6 portal but will still require 3 agents to build up a L7 portal, and also increanse portal energy and link range)

    -Engineer:   Extra 5% stickyness for all your mods (deployed by you)

    -Recharger:   Extra 5% recharge range

    -Connector:   Extra 5% (total) link range

    -Mind Controller: Extra link above link limit for every 8 possible links (8+1, 16+2, 24+3...)

    -Illuminator:  Your fields add up +5% (total) to total MUs obtained (which will impact in Global measurements)

    -Spec-Ops:   Extra 5% action range

    -Trekker:   Extra 5% action range

    -Recruiter:   Extra 10 AP for every resonator upgrade

    -Sojourner:   Portal hacks consume no XM (on hack; if portal is controlled by enemy faction it will still attack)

    -Recon:    You have 1 extra portal submition tokens

    Each reward is somewhat related to the badge. Numbers are calculated to be low in order to prevent the upgrades to be game-changers.


    This set of suggestions held this last one aswell, I think it will ring a bell :)


    ·Cell events in order to promote cell game, there could be seasonal challenges for factions to fight for certain aspects of the game to prevent de-buffs from happening.

    For example: seasonal event in cell XX-YY, portals of losing faction at the ending of current cycle will discharge x1.5 during the next cycle; this can be a rotative event every X cycles (every 30 cycles).

    It can also be stablished as a goal for each faction in order to get buffs or prevent de-buffs.

    For example: seasonal event stablishes that, within each cell, each faction must acomplish some goal (create X links, reach X MUs, capture X portals) in order to prevent their portals to output 50% less XM (remember the Obsidian Shield?) during next cycle.

    It can also be presented as a cooperative goal so factions need teamwork against a 3rd enemy (following the idea of Via Noir events).

    For example: by the end of the cycle, amount of neutral portals within each cell must be lesser than 20% in order to prevent portals to output 50% less items.


    Sorry for the long post, but I hope you all find this insightful :D

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    @GoblinGranate I'm certain the idea of diamond badges goes back more than two years. About 3.5 years ago agent Aymay (who created the smurfling guides) created designs for diamond level badges, and the thread had a lot of discussion about what the requirements should be. Unfortunately, the thread was on G+ so I can't check the date. Did you suggest the idea to Aymay?

  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Pangarban My apologies, I did not intend to claim the idea as mine, I just wanted to say that I came up with the same idea xD

    These ideas were all sent to @RedSoloCup (I believe he is Mr Krug). I like to think they were heard up there :)

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    No worries, @GoblinGranate, I was the one confused. @RedSoloCup is indeed Mr Krug. I also hope he likes the idea of giving us more long-term challenges to reach for! 😊

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