As Predicted with Pogo participation

Opening OPR to Pogo trainers has ups and downs.


more submissions

more reviewers

faster rate


longer name from OPR to Wayfarer

massive abuse>>

location edits since they dont have the same mapping (even moving it to a different town miles away)

trash POIs going online

more inconsistency system in reviews, there are varying influences or influencers that hinders the wayfarer community to bear good results. (i mean ingress alone had it somehow in denying a home portal to the opposite faction) but presently it's too random.


  • blaming everything on pogo players is just a dead meme, you really need to get over it.

  • in my neighbouring town, almost every portal is a fake portal, a duplicate or it is moved 10-20 meters.

    that is, since beginning of Ingress, in 2013 or 2014.

    those portals were made by ingress players.

    as above posting says, trash/bogus portals are nothing new in the sytem. even longtime Ingress players can be scumbags.

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    That's true. There were plenty of dodgy submissions under opr. The difference now is that there is an absolute avalanche of very poor submissions ranging from any bit of tagging (art) to concrete paths over drains (bridges ****) to random sign on buildings to whatever. And often the additional comments just say I need more pokestops, with zero consideration given to traditional portal criteria.

    While some people see through the blatant attempt and rate accordingly, other simply don't care, and good reviewers are left trying to classify them correctly while at risk of losing our rating level because we are up against a tide of garbage that poke players dont care about because they are only worried about having more locations to spin. (if they even bother to visit the site rather than playing from home).

    Something needs to change.

  • I just wanted more positive outputs than trash. A smoother wayfarer would be nice and not think of why they choose to just make their home pokestop or something. Forced Edits too, Niantic should just adjust the mapping,

    There are already plenty of examples under a different topic. I dont blame it entirely on pogo cause some also submit good ones. The examples increased.

    It is a post to bring it up AGAIN. most of the invalid POI were from pogo, few are photoshopped.

    I'm posting it from what I'm reading on other topics of this forum and what came to me TRYING to review on wayfarer.

    In my area we cant edit back then cause not much traffic in reviewers. those on opr on either side wont give their counter faction portals even if they are deemed worthy according to criteria.

    Here we go with the samples~~

    Name: Serbisyong Bayan Marker


    That mark there is present on almost every streets on the residential area and sometime even more than once along a street.

    How bout one from wayfarer, hope this didnt get approved. Antique plants

    How about those cartoon character stands from kiddie parties?

  • Where is your proof its pogo players? That to me looks like ingress. And why do I say that because ingress players including myself when doing the submission follow the same capital letters on every word like how it was in redacted. Pogo players dont know to do that.

  • So you have proved my point lol

    Why would they put a capital letter at the beginning. Goes back to ingress

  • They're just using proper capitalization for titles I guess? There are people who don't play Ingress can also write properly (and vice versa).

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    Now say it without crying xd

    Ingress bad submissions and fake portals is not normal, but bad submissions from pogo and mostly fake portals, yes, they are.

    This is 100% real, you only need to check the current forum and posts on reddit with bad criteria submissions, but well, is funny to get easy points from nerds from pogo :)

  • Who are you calling a nerd, dork?

    A lot of the good Ingress submissions you're referring to are done by Pokémon players with Ingress accounts. I'd say it's the majority by now. Ingress would be dead without them and without Ingress historically having been the gateway to adding new PsOI. Some of the high level Ingress players near me have very few "portals discovered" in their stats.

  • so we're going back to OPR relics now?

    What is older than those Antique Bougainvilleas?


  • its feb 2020 already for the ''is all pogo fault'' meme, meanwhile is pretty cool from eminem to let the oscars have their ceremony in his concert

  • I do agree that having pogo players able to submit portals make the OPR becomes more richful and more submissions.. But in my place, more fake or low quality submissions. For some reason, pogo players around my area have this "let's accept all the wayfarer, so mine will get accepted too" mindset.

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    I noticed this too. Old ingress player usually don't have any care of updating name, location, pictures or creating more portals. Some even for mad if new portals appears in certain locations.

    Prime has an auto capitalization on every word. Only redacted didn't have it. You can't n discern between ingress and pokemon submission just by that. There's also different cultures who find it visually appealing or not.

    There's a massive new amount of poor candidates because there's a massive new of players doing it.

  • I tend to think its pokemon players. And I play pokemon. I had a review for a Walmart today, a cactus, a stop sign and at least 4 random stretches of sidewalk. Yesterday I had to review a sunset. At least one of those in the description was "There aren't enough pokestops in this area". I also get a lot of "Trainers would love to play here".

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    Do people actually think it is all pogo players? I have seen people begging for portals in the supporting statements and doing just what these posts complain about. It may be on a smaller level but what good does it do complaining about something that is game agnostic and only was becoming more widespread due to increase of players in the system so many of these statements are broad brushing towards pokemon go players when it was happening before pokemon go submissions. I can say this I have seen high quality submissions from pogo players as well as the bad. It has been happening since the days of seer. Instead can we have constructive ideas on how to fix the issues instead of broad brushing a community and ranting? 4 months now of these posts. Even pokemon go reviewers are fed up with the mess. It is very frustrating seeing countless apartment complex signs schools etc. Niantic missed an opportunity to create a wayfarer specific dedicated community forums. This would help with people asking common questions it would have people from both games making discussions as right now with wayfarer feedback only having an ingress side there is a portion of the community who don't have an official outlet and it would possible help with problems such as the facebook groups etc. All we can do right now is tell people to look up official guide and look at AMAs and join ingress if they wan't an official chat to go on and write to niantic and discuss with fellow wayfarer voters and submitters.

  • Easy to see if it is PoGo players. Portal is created by Unknown. I actually have good PoGo player created portals in my end of city. In areas where I planned to go based on Streetview aerials.

    But I do reject lots of PoGo submissions. Clearly mentions Stop, PoGo or Pokemon in the descrtiption or supporting notes. That alone makes me think twice before accepting it. If it is the description, I try to find an excuse to reject it.

    We have a suspected spoofer, who got a PoGo player to create fake stops at 3 corners of his residential grounds. And 4 more slightly further away. Those living closest are trying to get updated photospheres on google to support their claim that the portals are fake. Do we have a community/wayfarer process for fake portals ? Or is it solely Niantic that decides based on number of complaints ?

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    But I do reject lots of PoGo submissions. Clearly mentions Stop, PoGo or Pokemon in the descrtiption or supporting notes. That alone makes me think twice before accepting it. If it is the description, I try to find an excuse to reject it.

    I rejected lots of Ingress submissions (still do) that mention(ed) Stops, Gyms, Raids, XM, Frogs & Smurfs, or other such terms if the candidate was overall unacceptable. If it is in the description, that is your reason to reject it (1* > Text > Title or Description).

    While it should be discouraged to mention specific game meta, is no reason to consider a candidate to be less eligible if they mention a candidate "has great space to safely gather for a Raid." Frankly, that's encouraging to see adequate safe space, rather than encouraging players to gather on a tiny pier or sidewalk.

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    If you see candidates accepted that you believe are ineligible, report it as ineligible on the Portal itself and Niantic will review it. If they agree, they will take action. If they disagree, you have the choice to appeal the decision elsewhere on this forum. If you believe there is an inherent safety risk, you can even use a PoGO Support website to request removal.

    I have had at least half a dozen ineligible nominations removed (and had wrongfully removed candidates reinstated) through either manner and never needed a photosphere; a simple series of supporting photos has always been sufficient.

    Edit to add @GreyAlf tag.

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