OKC Scores 5th Shard

Oklahoma City Enlightened and Resistance agents came together again to help score the Catalyst shard from Portland.  Enlightened struck off a hacking mod from the target so Resistance could add a SUBLA and increase it’s outbound range. Enlightened built a nearby portal to **** a guard rail to protect the lane and escort the shard all the way to OKC. Agent Sockhopper, having recently returned from the Seattle area, had the needed key to **** the 2400km link allowing the 5th shard to land at the OKC target, Beacon of Hope. OKC agents say thanks for all the agents working through the night to open this lane and allow the epic 3 jump score of Catalyst.


Enlightened Agents: PuppyWhisperer, 42sYou, CptParatos, AmishTechnician

Resistance Agents: Sockhopper, Smurfanos, FireLuigi, sar0000, PugPuppies, Pmeatbag, CVProwler


  • Many thanks for your work, and congratulations from Bucharest!

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭

    Great work, agents!

  • Awe

  • Awesome team work!!

  • That was such a long link to score it. Like a three-pointer scored from under the ring on the other side. Great xfac work! Just Wow! <3

  • Congrats to ya'll moving that shard out and across the Atlantic so it could score. Without that it's unlikely we would have achieved the 10 necessary to open the rewards.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Belated congratulations, agents!

  • That description forgets the Agents who moved the Shard from Portland/Ridgefield/Seattle/ part of the journey. Enlightened Agent : Iconoclast, TardisOndaRocks and Resistance Agent : Sunnywoods to move it from Ridgefield to Seattle. Portland Agents who moved to Ridgefield Enl Rangerpdx, RangersMan who cleared the lane to Ridgefield with Enlightened Agent qingdai and I am missing some who helped make the link. Some other Resistance Agents were involved at this point I believe. Just wanted to point out the heroes who moved it out of Portland as well as the Midnight Agents who sat up and got it moved to Seattle

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Great job, heroes agents!

  • qingdaiqingdai ✭✭

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