13 Archetypes: Catalyst



  • You aren't removing C from B, C will be left over, regenerated with the goal when you're done. Think about how catalysis works, diagrammed out.

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    EDIT: bloody hell this was a good challenge! Turns out reading carefully does make a difference!

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    I have not been able to find any variant that does not give Qtt... There is hardly any other versions, and all give the same Qtt...string. I have tried brute forcing the groupings anyway because there is clearly 8 letters and 5 groupings and I know what they are supposed to be, and asking the greek about every iteration possible of the five numbers (12 in total) and this has led nowhere :,,( 12 possible strings of 100 gibberish letters. It must have gone wrong at that step where it is impossible to find another tool that will give NOT Qtt...

    EDIT: OOOO I just spotted AR and C in there, haha so much fun when all that brute forcing pays off after all! I was beginning to think that it was not true there was some music, looked like the end was here, but then another whiplash :) !Truly a satisfying solve!

    Thank you thank you thank you designer, the music is right down my lane, I already love TesseracT, Skyharbour and Bring me the Horizon.

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    There is a certain variation that involves flipping the alphabet. Though it's otherwise pretty much the same thing, it has its own name. It's named after its inventor, an Irishman with French ancestry. Also, while the French site we all know and love has it, you can't actually use their implementation because of a weird limitation.

  • it's annoying when the phrase is very very long so to do it by hand takes a lot of time unless you're sure you're riding the right horse.

  • ENL

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