TESSERA Round 7 - Hexathlon Memory Tesserae Preview

edited February 2020 in The Tessellation

Truthseekers: We have more to retrieve than the Live Drops on Leap Day. The Tethered hand just told me there will be 4 more Tesserae appearing during the Perpetua Hexathlon.

  • 3 of them will be available for claiming Discovery points, 1 point each. These Tesserae are related to Calvin, OLW, and Yuri Nagassa respectively.
  • 1 of them will be a dormant Prime Artifact. It will not be accounted for Discovery points at the moment..

It appears the media that we need to collect is the series of memories Perpetua has warned us not to get our hands on. We will need to piece together the Tesserae like in Round 6, and some decoding will be involved. The memories themselves may provide insight. The first person to redeem the passcode, acquire the Tessera, and post it to the corresponding thread will win the Discovery point for their faction. As the Hexathlons do not all happen in the same time zone, our Agents in Christchurch will be the first ones to come in contact with these media. Please aid them if you can.

The Hexathlon rules state you need at least 6 to fulfill the challenge, but in order to claim the completed Tessera, you will need more to get the full picture, puns intended.

Take a good rest and be prepared. Looks like we have a busy weekend ahead!



Our retrieval of the Tesserae does not factor into the Hexathlon's general or individual scoring.



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