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I have seen countless of these automatic reject candidate's large number are resubmitted aswell.

Can we report them for abuse or can't Niantic make it clear on an announcement that they will not be accepted as there are tens of thousands of them.

Clogs up the system we need to make it clear or Niantic does they will not be accepted.

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  • Unfortunatley, people see some rare postbox portals and suddenly think ALL postboxes are eligible without researching. It is what it is. No one can stop them from submitting ineligible postboxes.

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    I know truly I understand your point entirely.

    I feel a official announcement by Niantic that we can report them EIIR post boxes submits will help or Niantic warning them not to submit after we have reported them.

    Say I do 300 reviews 20-40 could be them post boxes it's a shambles.

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  • EIIR (not sure where you get the Z) and earlier period post boxes are UK specific and probably of very little interest to the rest of world. It would be great for Niantic to issue guidence, however they would then be compelled to offer similiar country specific clarifications.

    The fact is that there are many unique and valued post box variations, with a strong & devoted group that follow the submissions carefully. While you may think that one submission is trash, it's entirely possible for it to be an incredibly rare design and one of a kind.

    The below graphic should help you with assessing most of the UK post box submissions. You should also seek out the very knowledgeable UK Wayfarer Post Boxes discord channel, who are super passionate about helping reviewers & submitters on how to sort good quality submissions from generic street furniture

    The general rule should be to reject an EIIR post box - always check the photo and streetview carefully!!! If the submitter has given lots of detailed reasons why it's still eligable, check with the Discord group if you are not convinced.

  • I'm onix twice over on recon medal I'm just fed up of seeing them.

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    Its not abuse though is it. The disconnect is niantics fault because in ingress we’re encouraged to read the descriptions and waypoints and stuff where pogo players arent.

    as far as most people are concerned the descriptions dont matter and info doesnt matter (because ingress players spent years not filling in description boxes)

    The amount of players who use reddit/this forum to find out specific updates is probably less than 1%

    also, wayfarer isnt supposed to be fun, its a volunteer job where you use your community spirit to help other players out, because these are real world community games, its not supposed to be a form of entertainment

  • The logic of accepting these postboxes in the first place is broken.

    And the moment the queen dies or retires, the EIIR boxes will be "valid" supposedly. So really, if you accept the broken rule in the first place you deserve to be spammed with EIIR boxes too.

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    yep, they'll be acceptable when big liz kicks the bucket, a lot of her post boxes will just have the sypher replaced we wont be getting a tonne of new ones meaning there will likely be a lot less of them around than there are now.

    Aside from the fact that a minority of people don't like them for some reason, nearly every postbox is 5* for basically all critera

  • My favourite one to review was the plastic ones you get in supermarkets.

    "It's super rare as this one is made of plastic whilst most are made of metal"

    That did make me laugh.

  • Thing is, Post Boxes are 1* according to the official rules.

    Post offices - Eligible, as long as they are standalone buildings rather than individual postboxes, windows, etc. 

    A misinterpretation of a RedSoloCup AMA is the only reason anyone thinks they're ok.

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    thats written in American, in the UK they make perfectly valid portals and fit all the criteria, I was getting them accepted before he did that AMA. Rules for an internationally played game don't work if they're only written for one country.

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    It's not "written in American". That's just pommie arrogance to claim it. There are some historical postboxes in England, but its ridiculous to claim that every red postbox is a valid portal. The equivalent in the US would be that every blue post box is a valid portal. Which even the English think is a ridiculous claim.

    Just because something is old, doesn't make it historical.

  • the equivilent in the USA is the fire alarm posts in New York, every portbox isn't acceptable, but most of them are.

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    No, it's not an equivalent. You're talking about actively used and installed postboxes, not a throwback from the early part of the last century that only exists as a historical remnant. No-one is installing new fire alarm posts. New red postboxes are still being installed, and in many cases, approved as portals despite having EIIR.

  • Pretty much just plastic temporary post boxes get installed now and usually just inside supermarkets, each new monarch will probably just continue to take over some of the existing boxes like elizabeth 2 did.

    Either way, its up to UK players to decide what is and isn't historically or culturally relevent in the UK, and the vast majority have decided that post boxes are fine, If a few EiiR boxes get through its not a big issue at all, they still fit most of the criteria and hurt no one, they will also be fully relevent soon enough cause queeny isn't getting any younger.

  • @Ech0Tom

    Either way, its up to UK players to decide what is and isn't historically or culturally relevent in the UK

    If that were what they were doing, most of these wouldn't be included. What they're doing is deciding they want more POIs for game purposes, not because there's any actual interest in the majority of the boxes. Sure there are some really old ones, but with all the EIIR ones being approved, you can't claim historical value for one installed in the 90s.

    It doesn't meet Niantic's standards. And reviewers aren't approving it for historical reasons. That's just guff to try and argue for more POIs.

  • QE2 started her reign in 1952, which is when most of her post boxes will have appeared, not the 90s.

    They've been getting accepted since way before PoGo came out so you can't use the 'we needs moar gymz' argument. I had no idea what the siphers meant, so I did some research, then started to submit them as POI because the royal family is a huge part of British history and this is an interesting part of their legacy.

    They were even included in the new Pokemon game as a unique identifier for the region which is based on the UK.

    It meets niantics standards for every point, the only one you can argue the toss over is mass produced/visually unique and even then they only drop to 3* for that category.

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    They've been getting accepted since way before PoGo came out so you can't use the 'we needs moar gymz' argument.

    When did I mention PoGo? Ingress players have always used excuses to get more portals. This is just another excuse.

    It meets niantics standards for every point, the only one you can argue the toss over is mass produced/visually unique and even then they only drop to 3* for that category.

    It does not. The requirements literally say explicitly that standalone postboxes are not acceptable. The only legitimacy it has ever received is a comment by Andrew Krug that was blown out of context.

  • like I said, rules are written for america and dont fit the rest of the world.

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    If Niantic specified that EIIR post boxes were valid after the Queen died, that would only encourage Regicide. If Niantic says they’re not, then Niantic basically admits it’s working with the Shapers to keep the Queen immortal. Either way it doesn’t look good.

  • I'm an Australian, and you're still wrong. We're not going to accept Australia Post boxes either.

  • Australian post boxes dont have the same historical value so I wouldn’t expect you to accept them. Its not up to you to decide what is and isnt valuable in another country.

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    > They've been getting accepted since way before PoGo came out

    When PoGo came out, the only post box portals were notable, visually distinctive ones -- mostly those with uncommon shapes, though also the regular ones painted gold for olympic athletes. They're things you don't see everywhere. They deserve to be waypoints because, to someone visiting the area, it's worth their time to go and have a look at it.

    But that's not what's happening now. I'm seeing Supporting Information like "this would make a good wayspot as a lot of postboxes are becoming them and this road has nothing to spin and would just add an extra wayspot to go by on the way to a local park for community days" (genuine quote from Wayfarer, for a plain EIIR box on a pole). How is "spinning" relevant to either tourists or Ingressers?

    I get that it's a slippery s1ope. Some deserve to be portals because they're genuinely interesting, and some because there's nothing else around (eg. a village with no church or pub), but there needs to be something interesting about it. They shouldn't be default-accept, and the guidelines should be clearer about it.

    Edit: Sigh, the word meaning "a surface of which one end or side is at a higher level than another; a rising or falling surface" is a slur in some contexts now, and the forum software can't tell the difference.

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    Has anyone posted the relevant AMA clarification yet? I'm too lazy to read if someone did but.

  • I'm going to reject all if the Elizabeth the second post boxes.

    Your attached photo says it all.

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    Another person supporting the immortality of Her Royal Lady

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