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Ingress 2.41.4 Release Notes

You should soon receive an update to version 2.41.4 of the Ingress app, which includes the following changes:

  • Feature: Added Portal Scanning, an opt-in update to Portal Edit options that enables Agents to scout additional information at existing Portals. This feature is initially launching to Level 16 and recursed Agents in the US before a wider release. For more information, see our forum thread
  • UI: Updated Boosts category icon in inventory carousel to support new Boosts
  • Bugfix: Fixed [ Store sync error, please try again. ] error message on startup
  • Bugfix: Fixed Portals appearing faded or dim on some devices
  • Bugfix: Fixed off-center mission waypoint descriptions

New known issues in this release:

  • Selecting or deselecting the Settings menu Game notifications (Portal under attack, etc.) checkbox may initially appear not to have saved your selection; however, your selection is saved when you exit and restart Ingress

Note: Updated on 3/2/20 to reflect the bump to 2.41.4 to address missing translations.

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