Tying Portal scans to level 16 and recursion is not a good idea.

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I think tying portal scans to level 16's and only recursion is not the right way to do it for the test. Make Onyx recon a requirement for beta. This is tied to portals why should it be level gated and not based on experience finding or voting on what makes a valid portal? There are more L12s-16s that have experience doing what niantic wants on their own time trying to get waypoints approved using the photosphere tools in google. Let those of us with experience in please? I am almost level 14 and have onyx. I think this beta should be limited to those that have participated in the OPR/Wayfarer system with discoveries/voting.


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    I haven't wasted my time sitting, I've worked to expand the Portal network, especially considering my local region cannot see nominations thru to fruition without upgrades. I'm proud of the Recon I've done and my nominations accepted.

    I would also argue many that those who actively participate in nominations and Recon are much less "sitters" and more willing to explore to find new places.

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    This is my point I am a local guide reviewer for google and do recommendations for places I go above just submitting for the games. I give honest feedback on what I find. I have given parks etc. reviews based on what I find. I am betting my city likes my detailed community facilities reviews on google including the photos and spheres.

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    I 100% agree. Portal scans are related to the expansion of the portal network and it would only make sense for players fully immersed into the portal network to take part.

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    I'm gonna disagree again. This "job" is well more suitable to field agents, not chairmans. It's not gonna expand the network, but enhance it's quality.

    And again, just wait. It's the standard choice to release any features first for the max lv, then decrease the cap.

    Also, @kholman1 weren't you the guy mad because the dogpoop trashbin stations were denied one year ago? 🤣

    You just said that cap the test at lv16 is the wrong way, but that's actually the right way. They are testing the feature yet, so less people doing it, less cr*p they're gonna deal with.

  • It's just being started at the highest level with the intent of releasing it to lower levels later. Think of all the features in pogo (ie raids, gifts and GBL) that were initially released to the level 40s and slowly released to lower levels. I'm 99.99% certain you'll be allowed to use gobs of mobile data uploading images for portal scanning eventually. (FYI I'm level 15 and have to wait as well).

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    Yeah, Niantic does the slow rollout by level all the time. Why restrict it to Recon/Wayfarer stats anyways? That just limits it even further.

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    No I am not who you are thinking of. I actually act like those are waste bins. I don't support those or the other things that person mentioned. I submit the park objects in the guidelines. I don't really support of these standalone grills etc. either. I like quantity with quality. I have a line in the sand that is pretty reasonable.

  • Wait a second.... I just saw this from a week ago. Are you sure you are not the same person? A wall is a valid submission to you but a grill is not? A grill seems to have more potential use for the community than a blank wall that is never used. I would vote higher on a grill at a park than I would for a Brick wall at a tennis court.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Now where have we all heard about grills in parks being suggested as POI's ...

    Its almost as if someone who was banned has come back yet again and making the same invalid suggestions....

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

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