2020 Event Update



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  • BGracaBGraca ✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian @NianticBC please change the image from the event Porto Perpetua Hexathlon. The image on display is from Lisbon.

  • You are correct not mandatory for those who are travelling, but there will be those who are already at the site who would have to observe.

    Also despite the leeway of not having to fast during travels, most who practices would still fast as per normal.

  • Im not suggesting to block out any events for the entire month, i was merely suggesting it to be moved one weekend earlier, before the start of Ramadan.

    And as you said, this is cause I am considering to join but the fact that it being the fasting month is holding me back from actually buying my flight tickets. Observing and participating i wouldnt have much issues with. Its just that Ramadan is more enjoyable at home (or at a country with very short daytime) So just thought that id share my personal opinion on the matter. :)

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    @NianticBrian that image is not from the city of Porto.

  • Hey Lupa 😁

    Technically the game will only be 1,5 hours with 30min period before (when the initial portal will be active). Yes, it may be cold, but I'm sure everyone has a pair of gloves and warm clothing anyway...thermos flask with something strong to warm up works as well :)

    Also the attendance will be probably way smaller than for a regular anomaly, so I would not fear that much. Anyway, I'm also curious what the playbox will be (since I sent the suggestion to Niantic last year for Bratislava Field test).

  • I despise how hard it is to look up an event in Ingress

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    if by going to ingress.com and select events is hard then i dont know?

  • YEAH! I would REALLY love to know about this considering only having 1 site for Nemesis: Requiem out of the whole world? Seems a bit atrocious, I do hope you all know at Niantic that you're going to have to do at least 1 site for most countries eventually this year, and at least 3 cities for the U.S. if not more, got to at least cover 1 main city in the west coast, central, and eastern time zones.. if not.. more. It's just highly inconvenient, inconsiderate and by far UNFAIR if not.

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    edited March 2020

    With the corona virus thing now expect maybe the one and only anomaly be cancelled.. lots of events now are cancelled, in pokemon go the upcoming event are cancelled too for now.. in Europe now things are bad not really the best time hosting event where thousands of players gather when local authority advice against gather large crowds.

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