#Didact Global Challenge: SITREPs

This forum thread will contain daily situation reports (SITREPs) with agents' progress towards the #Didact Global Challenge. As a reminder, there are two global challenge goal tiers:

  1. BASE TARGET: 5,500,000 control fields established
  2. STRETCH TARGET: 8,000,000 control fields established

Successfully defeating Didact by meeting either the BASE or STRETCH goals by Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC will result in the continuation of the following modifications:

  • BASE TARGET: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC
  • STRETCH TARGET: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus; 2X AP for resonator destroyed; 2X AP for link destroyed; 2X AP for field destroyed continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC

Field creation (and destruction) has surged in the first 48 hours of the Didact global challenge, with agents taking advantage of this first weekend to establish an aggressive start. We continue to monitor the social feeds for agent SITREPs with the #Didact hashtag, with early reports showcasing agents' progress towards their individual challenge goals.

Additionally, we will establish a trendline after receiving 72 hours of agent stats, and will include this forecast in future SITREPs. Given the already noticeable surge in agent activity, it is likely that agents will exceed the BASE goal of 5.5M control fields established before the global challenge window closes. Achieving the STRETCH goal is still to be determined.

Our next SITREP will be shared here in approximately 24 hours.



  • #Didact SITREP 24-FEB: Agents defeated the Didact Global Challenge as well as the STRETCH target, successfully establishing 8,730,074 control fields during the challenge window. Excellent work.

    As a reminder, the following modifications remain in effect through Mon, 2-MAR at 19:00 UTC:

    • 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor/JARVIS Virus
    • 2X AP for resonators, links, and fields destroyed

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