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  • they have taken down wayfarer for maintenance. hopefully somethings to be done about this kerfuffle.

  • Last Saturday I nominated 7 with my pogo account, they all are in voting, while my ingress nominations are still in queue with 2 upgrades in voting -_-

  • that isnt really a good communication with us @NianticCasey

    at all.

  • Hi!

    I have an upgraded nomination that's been submitted on 2019.12.22. Usually voting comes up with a result within a week in my area.

    Could you please check whether this nomination is stuck somehow?

    Thank you!

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    @NianticCasey Its been over 2 weeks and we haven't had any update on the ongoing upgrade issues. There is still clearly a problem.

    I have multiple upgrades still stuck from December/Early January. Despite similar nominations being upgraded and approved after that point being either approved or rejected. Actually I had a similar upgraded nomination on the same trail about a mile apart upgraded rejected, then resubmitted upgraded and approved since some of these were upgraded.


    Here is one that was denied twice then approved all AFTER a similar nomination has been upgraded since early Jan.

    Stuck: That 1.5 mile marker was submitted on 1/10 and upgraded very shortly after and is "stuck" despite as seen above a .5 mile marker was upgraded, rejected, upgraded, rejected, upgraded, approved in less time that the 1.5 mile marker. All 4 of the below are having the same issues of being stuck.

    From my Pogo Account: Two different bridges in the same park. Submitted same day, upgraded the same/next day one resolved within 3 days the other has been upgraded for OVER a month. No real difference but both nominations acted VERY differently.

  • My upgrades are still doing nothing that I can tell. I've been using them to try to get my submissions in Mexico and Jamaica processed, but the nominations are still in limbo after weeks of being upgraded...

  • and another 2 days have passed, and nothing happened, and noone contacted me about the problems, support says they are in voting, but they are clearly not in voting, as they are stuck @NianticCasey

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    @NianticCasey why are you now answereing here anymore but in other posts? do you have forgotten the problem or what is the case? many people are affected from the problem you mentioned and you said it should be solved already 2 weeks ago but the problem is still there

  • In Queue since November, help

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    Not really what we've been talking about in this thread, @RU001, and taking a few months to pull out of queue is nothing uncommon.

    Anecdotally, a few things you can try is editing the text a few times - people say that sometimes helps pull out of queue. You can also assign an upgrade and usually that helps pull out of queue as well.

  • @NianticCasey ignoring us doesnt help the situation :(

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    Here in Denmark now, i have use to upgraded the last week or two. After upgraded IT came in voting and after 24hour IT get accepteret.

    But All other submit without upgrad is limbo or voting for a Long time Whiteout a ending.

    And it take 100 years to get a upgraded. The agrememts % is very very very slow to came through

  • It appears as though this thread has a clearly established pattern, but it's still not being addressed. Maybe if more of us add data to show the trend is widespread enough, Niantic will finally acknowledge the problem?

    I have 2 nominations from November (19 & 23) that were both upgraded not long after they were submitted. (That was when I was earning upgrades as fast as I was nominating) They have been stuck "in voting" since then. I don't want to bog the system down by re-nominating them, but at this point it seems that may be faster. A system that essentially rewards sabotage isn't a good system.

    All of my other pending nominations are from January & February. Those are tough to watch especially as some are in a cell that has historically processed in a matter of DAYS without upgrades.

    I think there needs to be priority given to nominations that have been in the system for some time. It doesn't have to be First in, First out, but at least some bump in priority similar to an upgrade once nominations have reached 30/60/90 days could be beneficial to help everybody.

    The solution would seem simple - Get more people to review. The problem is, many people are feeling so frustrated with the system that they stop reviewing as a result. And people who would power through despite our own stuff not moving are being met with "No nominations to review at this time". It's tough to help when some of us are more than willing but unable.

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    someday, those wasted Upgrades might work 🙄🤦‍♂️

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  • Radio silence is key when trying to hide from a problem and have no answers to give the people who helped build the niantic empire.

    And in true fashion in a month when the problem is "fixed" we will hear about it and everyone will pretend there was no problem at all and it was all in our heads.

  • My first upgraded Nomination passed in about a day (ID 2JQilDzVW5fmZLF1Ee6V3zCUvbO0zu82uJmqwU6Pwmk=), nominated 19.10.2019, upgraded 04.11.2019. The second one (ID FmA3TQqwHGAWWi/LX9cL0cMFGPao2rL0nanfLg8I1g8=), nominated 05.11.2019, upgraded in 2019 is still stuck in Queue. The third one (ID kc3xH0heNqzhOhyxeSvIUmlrF0s4m4GHKYSiQIaPesU=), nominated 11.11.2019, upgraded about 14.01.2020, accepted 16.01.2020. My Fourth Upgrade (ID dxsuZb3awc9wjKD+3AbUMjmMXKv2spos5oaoOj9P7ug=), nominated 27.01.2020, upgraded 13.02.2020, still in Queue. That takes also longer than the other two accepted ones.

    My guess is that the "Queue" is not actually a Queue, but a Stack and that the nominations made when too many nominations come in at the same time get buried deep in stack and will stay there until all other nominations made after them get a decision. If this is the case, please implement a real Queue and not a stack!

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    @NianticCasey I thought you said you were going to be more forth coming and keep us updated on the upgrade problem. It has been radio silence since January 31st(19 days ago). Could we please have an update on the upgrade problem? Many if not all of us are still experiencing broken/stuck/limbo upgrades that we worked hard to earn that are not working.

  • @NianticCasey is not replying to our problems. what is the next level we can take it? gaming magazines sometimes are helpful

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    The Support Twitter account tells me not to worry, they are in voting! They said there are no issues with upgrades. The last reply they said (10 days ago) was that the issue I've been presenting since December has been escalated and I should keep an eye out on this forum for more info.

    Can't wait to see the update from Casey!

  • @AgentB0ss What's your rejection rate? I see you had to upgrade that 0.5 mile marker 3 times. Keep in mind that the system doesn't know it's the same submission more than once. It is possible that accounts with higher rejection rate might have some of their nomination slow tracked. This may be one reason why some things are taking longer.

  • Took roughly 48h to for 6 upgraded nominations to get accepted and after that one extra day for nonupgraded.

    These all were inside of 1km radius, so they came trough one by one.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    Outside of the couple that are stuck all of my upgrades are taking 2-5 days tops. I currently have 5 stuck nominations from just December and early January.

    Overall I probably have roughly an 80% approval rate, some nominations are just nightmares.

  • Hey folks, wanted to cross-post an update from another thread here. I've surfaced this with the Wayfarer team, who continues to tell me that this is due to lack of reviews but I'm worried that there might be something else going on from how many of you have reported this issue here in the forums.

    I'll follow-up again once I have some more information to share. Thanks for your patience.

  • this is basicly what your Chat-Bots are telling me "yes they are in voting!" "just have a little more patience!" "Thanks for contacting us you brave player" - i am not a bit surprised that you got the same answer from your wayfarer team.

    just take a look at my submissions, there you will see the problem.

    the submissions are not in nationwide review as they should be. they are only in the local reviewpool (which isnt much people)

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    It seems that upgraded submissions that are not strong “accepted” or “denied” from the approximate time period of 12/20/2019 through 01/10/2020 are having issues.

    Other upgraded submissions outside of that range, even boarder line ones, have taken up to 3 days while these are still languishing as “in voting” status. Some clear 5* or 1* upgraded ones have gone through from within the time period in question. It seems that anything that is borderline (submit date between 12/20 and 01/10) seems to be stuck and it may be because they need more votes but the whole “upgrade” should allow it to get seen more so the average rated score should finally get the submission over whatever threshold it needs to be in order to get accepted or denied.

    Edit: someone earlier suggested these might have lost their “upgraded” status internally while still displaying as “upgraded”.

  • @NianticCasey

    you said " I've surfaced this with the Wayfarer team, who continues to tell me that this is due to lack of reviews"

    this CAN be true but this can still be a problem. for example in my area upgraded nominations normaly tage 1-3 days of getting fully reviewed (acepted or reject), i submitted something in my are and i gave it an upgrade. than some weeks later it went into voting. and it stuck there for allmonst 3 month now. an other person submitted something about 5 meter away from my nomination and after it got into voting it was acepted in the usual 1-3 day period. i dont say that the wayfarer team is lieing when they say that the submission dont have enough reviews, but maybe there is a problem that some nominations that got an uügrade dont got it realy, i mean they have the upgrade tag in wayfarer but not the benefits of the upgrade and act like normal not upgraded nomination, has the wayfarer team thought about a problem like this? if you need help i can give you both nomination i mentioned earlier that the team can check it

  • Thanks for the info! Could we consider upgrades getting a wider review pool where it would apply? I've heard several people here in the US complaining they constantly get told there are no more things to review (almost exclusively PoGo players) in the midst of people not able to get things reviewed.

  • I don't get this help me out here is this another bug ?

    I've got 10 upgrades pressed on a nomination " upgrade next " and that is now taking days to upgrade :/

    What's up with that ? Surely it should upgrade right away.

  • If it is at all helpful, this is the nomination ID of my ‘stuck’ still in queue upgraded submission from 11/23/2019:

    Nomination ID: e9doBFcx447dJSQ98U6+ILBikuDZlNtTjUg1aXWAVys=

    This one is stuck upgraded & in voting since 11/24/2019:

    Nomination ID: 4QhNjkKzpjJnlTlUMyigRvo/5aFmHcHUD8FGlwRPH0s=

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