Bug can't view inventory



  • Well.. looks like it's back but it's still bugged inventory is as follows in the photo

  • Got my access back to my inventory! (after only 5 days, awesome!)

    Now i have to re-organize all my inventory, i'll watch for any other issue and check for duplication.

    That has been a tough adventure, i give all my courage for those who still have the bug.

  • Thank you support for fixing this annoyance on a weekend, it was a very nice detail!

    I'm all set, ready to make some nice multifields for the Didact challenge. I can't imagine having to farm over 400 keys with no access to the inventory.

    Thanks again! And for the remaining agents, hang in there, you're not alone. I have completely normal access to the inventory, no duplicates, no issues whatsoever.

  • @alexandremars your next step is similar to this.... A programmer should be fixing your inventory soon, but if you want to try and remove the duplicates yourself (if I were you, I would wait) you can try following the directions in this post.

  • Thanks! I Will wait I can't really follow all that i have not only duplicated capsules, I have duplicated quantums and duplicated Items! I will wait and then run like hell to complete the challenge!

  • My inventory issue isn't really fixed. I can see it now, but I can't put keys in lockers - the key lockers only display my other items as choices. The quantum capsules are only slightly better - I can put items into them, but the inventory locks up when I exit that particular capsule. This is messed up. As of this afternoon, my keys are now out of lockers, and with 880 keys (many of which used to be in lockers), that means I have too many total items in inventory. I have no way to hack. Because of this, I can't gather resonators or more keys. This means I can't join in the fielding challenge.

    I can't drop the capusles and look for duplicates, either. The capsules are stacked. And besides, once dropped, but inventory is too full to pick them up again.

    I guess I can blow things up until I run out of bursters. But I will wait until tomorrow; maybe things will get better.

  • You can 'unstack' your capsules by renaming them. Number them 1,2,3....etc and they will separate. You can then see them all. Not sure if it will help with your issue or not though.

  • Sony Xperia SO-01K

    Android 9

    Ingress Prime 2.39.3-ddc661af

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    Sent a report in game. Do I need to do it here also?

    iOS 13.3.1


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    Same this.

    Most Capsules are named and separated, but in particular, Key Capsules do not have access to what they want, and tend to open another named Capsule.

    iPhone8|MQ792J/A|iOS13.3.1|Ingress Prime 2.39.3-ddc661af

    Pixel3|Android10 Security Patch 2020/2/5 |Ingress Prime 2.40.1-8f435e49

  • Fixed but problems still existed and then the scanner reverted back to no inventory. It's been frustrating.



    Android 10


  • Congrats! Glad you stuck with it, I know I would have quit by now. See you on the battlefield ;)

  • I was tired of waiting so I followed this and it's fixed!!!!!!

    I can play again!!!!

  • I still have the no inventory issue after an attempt to fix it by a Niantic engineer initially worked then reverted to the initial bug. Now Niantic will not answer my sy requests for help and the support tickets are closed immediately.

    Any ideas?


    Pixel2 XL

    Android 10

    Latest Prime build

  • Other than removing my inventory from capsules three days ago, which way over-filled my inventory count (600 portal keys out of the their key lockers), Niantic hasn't done anything, so far as I can tell, to fix my account. At times I can see my inventory, but the capsules aren't usable. So my plan is to use up all of my bursters and whatever else, to get the inventory below 2000. Then with luck I can safely drop the quantum capsules, and hope that I can pick them up again. This should weed out any duplicate or otherwise problematic items. I'm not sure if this will work; when I can see the inventory, the items look quite different. But if this doesn't work I am out of options. I haven't been able to hack for nearly a week, during what would otherwise be a fun fielding challenge

    What rankles is the fact that I have to do the legwork to try and fix this issue. I am the player, not the programmer. The issue wasn't my fault and I shouldn't have to fix it. The loss to my AP, hacking streak, and ability to play have been a real blow. My only sin was playing while their server was down.

    The lack of communication shows a complete disregard for the affected players in the community.

  • Hey best way to do It is remove the name of the items on the right of your capsules ou key lockers (better explained in this post https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/67695#Comment_67695 ) then remove all names from all capsules and then rename your capsules they automaticly will shows 2 or 3 capsules with the same name, drop those capsules and continue the process until there's no more duplicates... And you are done!

  • Thanks, alexandremars. I will try that, assuming I can get into my inventory again at some point.

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    @Wukoki @comet4

    Agreed. From what we I have gathered from all this should be...

    Duplicate capsules with items in them = hidden inventory (bad)

    Duplicate capsules that are empty = superimposed item icons, (a pain but workable)

    Renaming capsules will separate them from the stack and make the serial# viewable. (small pencil icon/button after tapping stack. Something simple, ABC... or 123... This will show the rename and its serial# below it)

    Drop or recycle the dupes. and you should be good.

    *Remember, Don't fill any caps unless you know they all have unique numbers!*

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  • Mine is finally "fixed" albeit with a mess of cap's to rename and sort.

  • Still having the same problem...

    iPhone6 v12.4.1


  • My issue was fixed. MY hacking streak is back to square one, but I can play again. Thanks to the unnamed support team that got it working..

  • I am still waiting for my account to be fixed. Its been 10 days and nothing. I placed a bug report from the site and in game and no response. Am I missing something?

  • When you reported in game, did you choose "Skip" in order to get a "human" ?

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