New Avatar Design Issue - UX

Hello guys, I really hope this matter gets to ingress team.

Currently I’ve bought two avatars (yeah I like to customize avatar lol). The purple (Spiritualistic) and yellow (Dreamer).

I was really excited about the purple one but the design really disappointed me. The yellow circle and yellow compass light just DOESN’T feel ok!!!

so then I bought the yellow one and I think now I am having a good experience with it. It makes sense now.

So my suggestion is: Please make sure the game experience fits the user avatar! That would be really awesome and incentive to others buy it and not get disappointed after it.

Suggestion 2: Please add a PREVIEW mode so then we can see the avatar in the Scan. Seriously, I wouldn’t by the purple one if I would have saw before, thats why I feel really disappointed too. (And also, I didn’t find those images online, so I had no clue at all)

pictures attached.


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