Bugs with resonator slots

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  1. Pre-requisite: have grey portal on a map, no matter in range or outside. Steps to reproduce: Tap on the portal to open portal menu. Tap on an empty resonator slot right from portal menu. Actual behavior: With probability of ~30% for a given portal (to reset you have to make some ingame actions - I couldn't find which exactly), the resonator slot you tapped will be highlighted - for a moment - but the selection will go to a slot that is neighboring to the slot you tapped. So the slot selected will be wrong. Expected behavior: the slot selected is always the slot which you actually tapped. This same thing can happen on a remote recharging screen, and I have a video of that.
  2. Pre-requisite: have a portal in range with empty resonator slots. Steps to reproduce: Select an empty slot. Tap "deploy" button. Right away, without waiting for reso to be deployed, select some other slot. Actual behavior: as the previous reso gets deployed ("deploy" button becomes active), the slot you selected gets reset to automatic selection, discarding your slot choice. You have to tap on the slot again. Expected behavior: the slot you selected stays selected after successful reso deploy on previous slot.

Device: Samsung Galaxy J7 2016; Android 8.1

Ingress Prime v2.33.1

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