Ingress 2.40.1 Release Notes

edited February 2020 in Release Notes

We are starting the rollout of Ingress 2.40.1 which includes the following changes and updates:

  • UI: Portal visuals on map screen are larger on both oblique and top-down views to make them easier to view
  • UI: Hacked item animation loads in all three vertical slots to show hack output more quickly
  • UI: New mission medal screen to view mission medals earned
  • UI: New ( i ) item info button added to the bottom of power cube, deploy, attack, and portal mod carousels to aid new recruits with helpful information
  • UI: Tap disambiguation screen shows portals
  • UX: Inventory carousel consolidates items into fewer categories: Resonators; Weapons; Cubes; Mods; Media; Capsules; Lockers; Boosts (Portal Frackers, Beacons); Store
  • UX: Inventory carousel updated to -4, 0, +4 layout (versus previous 0, +14 layout). Inventory carousel starts at 0 position (Resonators) by default, then remembers last viewed inventory category. Items that agents access most often are located closest to default 0 position (swipe left or swipe right). Items agents access less often are located furthest from default 0 position
  • UX: Inventory manage screen updated to enable bulk recycling of multiple item types. Weapons category: XMP; Ultra Strike; Refactor. Mods category: Defensive, Offensive, Hacking, Linking
  • Bugfix: Fixed insufficient XM error when XM is available
  • Bugfix: Updated recharge efficiency to clarify when agents are out of range of recharge distance
  • Bugfix: Mission medal spinner disappears when loading is done
  • Bugfix: Fixed in-app Store purchasing issue on Android

Known issue in this version:

  • UI: Media objects on the manage screen displays generic thumbnails, not specific thumbnails


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