Bug can't view inventory



  • Got the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Ingress ver. 2.39.3-ddc662af. I've also tried to log in on the other phone, but my inventory was still unavailable.

  • Niantic,
    could we have news on how the problem
    is going?

  • MindPilotMindPilot ✭✭
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    I got the same, "it was temporary, but now resolved " canned response months ago. It makes NIA sound like they don't truly know what's going on.

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  • MindPilotMindPilot ✭✭
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    Hey there.

    Mine has been broken since before the Redacted retirement. I have had to resort to managing inventory cap and game play by wasting xmps when needed due to lack of recycling ability. Key management should still work as normal if your bug is like mine, but not if it's in a locker. :( Over half my gear is locked away in hidden caps and quantums. I am forever just below 2000 items!

    MindPilot - Eagan, MN

  • Still having same issue, 24 hours later. What’s up?

  • Hm you're making me worried about getting access back to my inventory again, it's already been a tough day dealing with the issue and NIA seems not to care ("the issue is resolved"). :s

    my guardians keys aren't in capsule hopefully but with the upcoming event, it's a PITA to play with this issue.

    Please work on a fix Niantic !

  • It's definitely been a different playing style today, having to fire individual bursters and deploy resonators/mods in order to "recycle" them. This is not sustainable. If we were to hack (or pick up) capsules or media items that we cannot discard, the remaining working inventory space will eventually to converge to zero.... 😐️

  • When are we going to have a fix for the this issue will not be able to play the game like this for long

  • I can’t access inventry.


    Key is displayed, but quantity is increasing.

    An error occurred when taking out the key from the capsule.

    Same for other devices.


    (Xperia XZ1 compact,Android9,2.39.3-ddc661af)

    (nova lite,Android8,2.39.3-ddc661af)

  • Still having same issue, 24 hours later. What’s up?

  • This is really upset. I need to farm lots of keys in order to get ready for the upcoming event. Just sad...

  • Is there any movement at all on this bug Niantic? It's been more than 24 hours ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  • Same here.



    Ingress Prime 2.39.3-ddc661af

  • Do you know if it's irreparable @DanteAmayA ? Did you hear that or deduce it?

  • My apologies. That phrase was meant to imply it is irreparable by the agent. I will edit to clarify. Thank you.

  • Okay @DanteAmayA thx

    It's very frustrating. I thought it would be fixed by now

  • I haven’t heard from Niantic at all. Please contact me. This issue is making the game unplayable. I have been adopting the approach described above by @DanteAmayA but the very small amount of inventory space is filling and I am so close to the Black sojourner badge. I have had to delete most of my free keys.

  • I also received a request from support this morning to send them my error log which I have done. 🤞

  • Did you log the error via the ticket system? I did and first got the response it was fixed, I replied it wasn't, then got a second reply saying it was being looked into but no time scale for a fix. Then 2 hours ago got a third message from them asking for a copy of my error report. (Which they tell you how to get from your scanner).

  • @MissKrazy I don’t know how to do that. I reported by commenting here, as requested by Niantic staff and reported in-app. The reply in-app was generic, thanking me for my bug report etc.

  • Using the "Report a Problem" in your scanner is the correct way to do it, I choose the "skip" option so the information (apparently) is viewed by a human. This is classed as submitting a ticket. Niantic then generally reply to you via the same system. It sounds like you did the right thing. Maybe you just got unlucky in that the human didn't reply.

  • Thank you @MissKrazy I used Report a Problem in app but didn’t try Skip. Received a generic reply thanking me for my bug report but not being able to respond directly. I will try again as you suggested.

  • Good luck, we need this fixed!! I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The more people that report the better, then they can see there is a problem.

  • @MissKrazy I have just received an email request for the error log so a big thank you to you for helping me to get this far.

  • Did the agents with this inventory
    problem all play the evening of the
    global bug?
    The problem surely comes from a
    dupplication of the resonators deployed
    on portals, but which returned in the
    inventory, NIA? Please let us know,
    even if you can't find it yet, let us

  • I wasn't deploying at the time, but yes was in my game and accessing my inventory. I think most people were doing similar things at the time. Others who weren't don't send to have been effected.

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