Wayfarer Group on Facebook is Promoting Misinformation



  • Another Jamie Kay comment bashing Ingress players.

  • Does Niantic want to hire some contractor/volunteers to help with these guidelines so they can be published faster??

    I am pretty sure that Jamie Kay is right now screwing a corkboard onto his "car house" so he can submit it in Perth...

  • Thanks for chiming in @NianticCasey , I would thank you on the facebook post but I am currently muted for posting two pictures as proof that the Featured Waypoints are not always great (it was a watermarked 3rd party photo)

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    Yeah, Facebook admins will let Niantic Support talk in the comments all they like, but they still mute and block people who oppose the admins by promoting the actual guidelines. Niantic Support can’t always clarify the admin’s purposefully wrong statements.

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    Can you share for those of us not in the group? Anything we didn't already know?

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    Same here. I've disabled my Facebook account years ago and have no desire to reactivate it.

  • Don't forget the couple of dozen people such as myself who were BANNED for posting about the AMA. Seeing them forced to pin it makes me so happy! About 2 months ago I posted the exact same link in the group and suggested it be pinned and I think it was deleted instead!!!!

    Niantic Casey, you are my HERO!! Your smackdown is most epic!!

    I love how Jamie was trying to encourage people to take a photosphere and resubmit trash like a funeral home and Casey comes in and basically says "Stop posting such trash!!"

  • This is what happens when you post an example of something that contradicts Jamie. Not mean or in a bad manner a simple photo and text that said "proof that the Featured Waypoints are not guidance"

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    These are the photos that were posted along with that above comment, and deleted by the admins.

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    Wait did we get confirmation that nothing within 40m of private residential property should be approved? That includes murals on nearby businesses, parks, community centers, etc? I've asked a million times for clarity in the AMAs but never got an answer

  • No we didn't. This is what the guideline says:

    Please be sure to closely review nominations whose real-world location appears to be within 40 meters of private, single-family residential property, and nominations whose real-world location appears to be in a neighborhood park. To be clear, nominations should be rejected if their real-world location appears to be on private, single-family residential property or might encourage people to go onto private property (e.g., because the real-world location is at the end of a private driveway).

    Within 40 meters, review closely. Only reject when on prp or might encourage people to go on prp. E.g. can only be reached by trespassing on prp.

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    @NianticCasey tsaid in the Facebook group that murals within 40m of PRP should not be approved, but he might have just been paraphrasin

  • I love to see Casey in that group smacking down Jamie Kay comments :D

  • I responded to this already. The lawsuit pdf says closely review within 40 meters, not to outright reject.

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    Over the course of all of this, several people who chimed in offering guidance to the AMAs or even general support had comments deleted and themselves muted and/or banned. I've seen screenshots of some of those users reaching out to the admin asking for clarification on suspensions and gone unanswered. 

    @NianticCasey I understand this isn't a Niantic sponsored forum, but the rampancy at which they operate is out of hand. I don't speak up to offer support for fear of being banned, myself. 

    The above user's comment has been deleted and "Steve" has been banned.

    In the above, "Rolando" shared images of a "bad" featured Wayspot and had his comments deleted and was muted. Even "Mary" had a comment removed.

    It doesn't feel like coincidence that anyone who speaks up against making literal abusive nominations gets censored on their site.

    I sincerely thank you for chiming in on several posts today. I think it did a lot to stop the spread of misinformation, but their censorship remains out of hand.

  • These are the images that I posted and were deleted along with the above comment.

  • There has been no clarification, acknowledgement, explanation or anything on why I was muted to me or the facebook group, despite attempts by others and DM by myself to the admins. All politely of coarse. Not once have I used foul language, called anyone out, threatened or harassed anyone. Everything I have posted have been backed up by AMA clarifications, wayfarer guide or screenshots like the ones above that somehow they interpret as offensive or something.

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    Asking Casey to intervene on moderation of another community is unreasonable. Speaking up on misinformation is one thing but that's not Niantics forum just as much as the Reddit groups aren't. I don't know what you guys are expecting here, I left the page really early on when I saw Helen blatantly giving false info and knew a page run by people who were brand new to the process was not for me.

    As for the 40m clarification, I know what the Wayfarer page says and like the discrepancy with Military Bases I have often asked for clarity because the guideline leaves unnecessary ambiguity. But if Casey is out there saying everything within 40m is ineligible then this needs to be addressed in the guide. It would be terrible because a lot of businesses in cities are neighborhood adjacent so even fully public areas will become ineligible! But if that's their stance that should be made 100% clearer.

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    When a group of THOUSANDS of reviewers on facebook are being encouraged to approve portals on PRP after Niantic had to deal with a lawsuit about this very issue, Niantic (not Casey specifically) should make it their business to intervene.

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    I didn't say Casey shouldn't make the guidelines clear. I'm saying Casey can't do a single thing about how they choose to *moderate*. They can ban and mute people they don't like. I don't agree with them in any way, I left early because I didn't want to be apart of it. But it's their page and they can ban you if they want to. Getting a cohesive guideline back onto Wayfarer is way more important than these people.

  • All I ask is for Casey to keep a close eye and chime in when and where he sees fit as we (the people posting real criteria) are being muted and blocked undeservingly.

  • I was muted and booted from that group early on because I tried to explain the memorial benches (even if supposedly for a PoGo player kid who died of cancer) weren't eligible---and then they lied about why afterwards by trying to say I blocked an admin when I never did. Casey went in there and told them recently that benches weren't eligible and yet I'm still blocked from that group.

  • Unfortunately, you are just one of at least a dozen players in the same boat. They blocked people with abandon for not agreeing with their agenda.

    And now we all suffer for it. Niantic has already started tightening up their policies in the guidelines. If people are going to flagrantly ignore common sense and the guidelines, making Niantic at risk for another lawsuit, then we're forcing their hand into having to further restrict submission criteria as evidenced by the January update. ;(

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    There is some really useful stuff in there, the supporting photos part is excellent, as is the cemetery part.

    There are some odd new rules in there that have never been hinted at before, splitting up the clarifications from the new rules might be a good idea in future.

    Some of this is just baffling. For example "free-standing murals"... is such a thing even physically possible?

    Maybe you could bounce the next one off a few reviewers first so we can highlight the 'did you really mean THAT???' parts before it goes live?

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