Wayfarer Group on Facebook is Promoting Misinformation



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    Well whatever you do don't head over to the subreddit. The same ego maniac mod is the mod for a half dozen Niantic games subreddits and he systematically bans anyone who disagrees with popular opinion. Heaven forbid you should disagree with him and complain because he spends months making reddit complaints trying to get your account banned.

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    He's probably referring to that one guy who kept talking about ingress users getting off on denying wayspots and tried to "fight" another user.

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    He’s not one of the mods of the Wayfarer Subreddit.

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    Perhaps he is trying to insinuate that u/liehon and Jamie Kay are the same individual. Of course, that doesn't make sense because u/liehon removed an anti-Ingress meme that was posted in r/NianticWayfarer and Jamie is anti-Ingress.

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    I've never seen any of you people in the same room.

  • LoL you've reposted that meme more than I have. It goes way beyond a simple meme. Maybe look into what subreddits Liehon is actually a mod on and start asking yourself how one person can control the message on so many boards. Or you can keep crying about one meme. I'm betting on the latter.

  • Sounds like the same guy who is doing this in the Facebook group, Jamie Kay.

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    No, the one on Reddit who got removed from the group played Ingress too.

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    Edit: Somehow a post of mine double-posted after over a day later.

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    I asked this question and pointed out that the wording currently in Wayfarer does not point to a blanket rejection of all base submissions in the November AMA and Krug said to go by the Wayfarer guides. This confusion was pointed out directly to both Krug and NianticCasey and nothing was fixed in Wayfarer so it seems like they're ok with military wayspots that do not obstruct emergency services or operations. IE: at a residential park on base.

  • Admin Jamie Kay is advocating for more Private Residential Property wayspots again.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Oof, if Niantic let a PRP portal be a featured Wayspot, that's on them.

  • And there is no guarantee that the featured wayspot is even PRP, could be a commercial property with an overhead door and Mural but the admins are trying to advocate for more PRP because they make up their own rules and flaunt the Niantic guidelines.

  • He keeps trying to insist a mass produced indoor bulletin board inside a university building is eligible due to Niantic claiming community boards be treated like LFL depending on circumstances, which to them means since its bolted to the wall it's always a 5☆ submission regardless of whatever the circumstances may be.

  • Yes, Niantic support was tagged in that post in facebook also. Although there are people posting that they do not agree with or follow the guidelines, at least here people are able to post both viewpoints and not have comments deleted. There is some value in allowing people to have dialog about those guidelines and point out cases where they are perhaps needing further evaluation. The one comment that really surprised me was the canadian who posted an article citing where the military base there ASKED to have a gym on their museum. If the base staff is asking for the wayspots, then it seems like a good case for an exception, or adjustment to the guideline. On the other hand, I posted suggesting that people consider the reasoning for the guideline and the liability concerns.

    Looking forward to Niantic getting a clear update on this issue!

  • It is sad, but also funny, how many people misunderstand the "Featured Wayspot" It is NOT in any way an endorsement by Niantic, it is simply a highlighting of a recent nomination that got approved. Sometimes one that got approved contrary to the guidelines, as is likely in the case shown.

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    Sharing some screenshots just intended to help reiterate how critical it is that we get the updated Wayfarer guide published, soon. I imagine it's a huge undertaking, but frankly it creates unnecessary conflict between communities when it comes to understanding some of the things the AMAs have helped address.

    Edit to add:

    The discussions linked pertain to whether or not candidates on military bases are eligible. Regardless of whether or not they are (Ingress community goes back to an AMA saying they are not), the posts were presented:

    That's an Ingress AMA, if they can't be bothered to put it on Wayfarer then bases are still eligible... The AMA is outdated, it's just the opinion of someone who used to manage the Ingress community for Niantic. Wayfarer is the current guidelines for review.

    That is not not typical stance from PoGO reviewers, but the longer it takes to get updated guides, the longer this misinformation can continue to spread.

    Thanks for reading, @NianticCasey, we look forward to the big news!

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Any time someone states that the AMAs "don't apply" or are "outdated", quote them this.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    As insightful and helpful a that genuinely is, @TheFarix (and is a good point, thanks I'll be sure to post), many similar comments like that end up getting deleted by that group's moderators. And, anyone who still wants to argue isn't going to suddenly be convinced to do the right thing.

    "That post is in an Ingress forum, I don't have access." "Still doesn't apply to PoGO." "I still don't agree with that."

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